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Fast or slow, it's our job to give it a go!


Australia's privately owned Next Car Pty Ltd is a leading, internet based, new car news journal.

We provide regular news and information relating to Australia's new cars and motoring.

On our web site you'll find new model news, car reviews, road tests and, occasionally, a look back into the past. We, also, look at motoring events from time to time.

Our goal is to ensure you're fully satisfied with your new car reading time.

But primarily, we want to provide you with information that assists you make an informed choice when you buy your next car.


Established in late 2003, Next Car went live on 1st January, 2004, without a readership base.

During 2005 our website expanded rapidly, as did our readership. By mid-2006 thousands of people were visiting our web site every day!

These days we look back and feel fully satisfied that our easy reading format and our very user-friendly web site navigation system is widely accepted by an audience that appreciates a reliable source of regular news and, more importantly, easy to read road tests on popular vehicles.

Since we have both a regular readership base and a transient readership base, we are grateful that folks who have purchased a car following a consultation with a road test and/or e-mail correspondence have recommended us to their family, friends and/or colleagues.

New readers are always welcome. We invite them to view our road test archive to acquaint themselves with possible vehicle acquisitions.


Please feel free to e-mail Next Car Pty Ltd with your feedback or request for guidance with your next vehicle acquisition. We've assisted countless people over the years with advice on their next car.

Kindly place a car brand or two in the subject line of your e-mail.


We thank you for visiting our web site and, accordingly, we welcome you to our expansive readership base. Please enjoy our road tests and news articles.

Next Car Pty Ltd - Australia's Easy Reading New Car News Journal

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