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Morgan Roadster
Four Morgans were delivered in Australia during 2005

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5th January, 2006

Australians bought more cars and trucks in 2005 than ever before to set an all-time annual motor vehicle sales record of 988,269, according to figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

It was the fourth successive year of market growth. Demand since 2001 has increased by more than 200,000 vehicles or better than 27 per cent.

The 2005 sales record was 3.5 per cent up on the previous record of 955,259 set in 2004.

Passenger motor vehicle sales are up 3.2 per cent and have exceeded 600,000, finishing at 608,804.

Demand for SUVs is up 4.2 per cent to 180,292 and light commercial vehicles are 2.6 per cent ahead of 2004 at 167,878.

FCAI Chief Executive Peter Sturrock today said the market would be equally strong in 2006 and confirmed the Chamber’s assessment of 980,000 vehicle sales for 2006.

"The FCAI began 2005 with a prediction of 980,000 sales for the year and that outlook has been proven to be almost exactly correct," Mr Sturrock said.

"While general economic conditions will soften in 2006, the motor vehicle market will stabilise at its current level of strength."

The potential to reach one million vehicle sales in 2005 was lost in the last quarter.

A reduction in demand of 2.5 per cent in the last quarter halted the momentum which had resulted in eight all-time record sales months in the first three quarters of the year.

Small cars attracted big demand in 2005.

Sales of small cars exceeded 200,000 for the first time, attracting 215,324 buyers for 35.4 per cent of the total passenger vehicle market.

Significantly, demand for small cars was up 18.6 per cent year on year, while demand for large cars diminished by 15.7 per cent to 153,244 vehicles.

Holden’s Commodore was again the country’s largest-selling individual model with 66,794 deliveries in 2005. Commodore sales are down from 79,170 the year before.

"There has been a seachange in market demand," Mr Sturrock said.

"Private buyers and fleets are adjusting their purchasing patterns to suit their changing needs, including their views on the effect of petrol pricing and running costs."

Mr Sturrock said 2006 would see a fightback from manufacturers and distributors of large six-cylinder cars.

"Two manufacturers are planning the launch of significant new models in the large car market on top of Mitsubishi’s recently released 380 and Ford’s upgraded Falcon," he said.

"The large car market is uniquely Australian and it is pivotal to the success of the entire market, and to Australia’s export opportunities."

Mr Sturrock said Ford’s success with the Territory had been one of the highlights of the 2005 model year.

Demand for Territory reached 23,454, 72 per cent more than the previous year and the vehicle was instrumental in leading the 19.6 per cent increase in the medium SUV market.

"Australians’ record demand for SUVs is likely to stabilise in 2006, especially in the light of growing competition from traditional passenger motor vehicles which are becoming increasingly even better equipped and more flexible," Mr Sturrock said.

"Consumer choice has never been more varied, and it is the competitive push amongst manufacturers and distributors to meet every customer need that will spur the market in 2006."

"Forward ordering by manufacturers appears not to have slowed going into 2006 and that guarantees a buoyant and attractive environment for customers."

Toyota, Holden and Ford were the three top-selling makes in 2005, accounting for better than half total demand (51.2 per cent).

Mitsubishi was again in fifth position.

Mazda and Nissan swapped their 2004 positions with Mazda moving to fourth place for the first time with 66,250 deliveries ahead of Mitsubishi 61,907 and Nissan dropping to sixth 56,032.

Hyundai was in seventh position with 48,010 sales, narrowly ahead of Honda (47,001).

Subaru had a record year with 36,044 sales to finish ninth ahead of Kia, 10th on 25,293.

2005 Bentley Continental GT
One hundred and one Bentleys were delivered in Australia during 2005




National Vehicle Retail Sale Summary for 2005


Manufacturer / Importer



Alfa Romeo
 1,572    1,800  
Aston Martin
 58    not known   
 4,808    3,701  
 101    126  
 15,910    14,860  
 2,479    2,167  
 3,005    2,400  
 0    5,514  
 259    292  
 3,007    5,016  
 76    69  
 605    343  
 129,140    135,172  
 921    809  
 4,674    4,397  
 174,464    178,027  
 47,001    36,474  
 48,010    42,510  
 210    79  
 7,717    6,757  
 2,078    2,141  
 975    1,015  
 5,078    4,502  
 2,283    2,289  
 25,293    24,454  
 32    31  
Land Rover
 3,092    3,143  
 6,005    5,009  
 55    81  
 1,126    1,078  
 179    176  
 80    93  
 3    5  
 66,520    55,560  
 17,661    17,489  
MG Rover
 270    566  
 2,097    1,499  
 61,907    56,967  
 4    7  
 56,032    63,654  
Nissan UD
 991    975  
 7,025    7,005  
 1,205    1,264  
 2,164    1,378  
 3,301    3,354  
 10    8  
 1,510    1,848  
 389    408  
 799    479  
 2,645    not known  
 413    411  
 36,044    33,619  
 13,794    7,206  
 202,817    201,737  
 15,782    10,754  
Volvo Car
 2,917    2,802  
Volvo Commercial
 1,137    1,164  
Western Star
 539    545  
 988,269    955,229  

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