The Aixam Mega

Europe's Very Light Utility Vehicle

2005 Aixam Mega
2005 Aixam Mega

13th June, 2005

The Mega is a low environmental-impact utility vehicle designed for short-haul urban and localised transport. Constructed on an aluminium chassis with extensive use of polycarbonates for body components, the Mega comes with diesel or zero-emission electric power units.

Compact and lightweight, the Mega is supplied in 2.98m long chassis form, and is 1.45m wide excluding mirrors. Payloads range from 425kg for the electric to 460kg on diesel versions.

Transmissions are constantly-variable belt on internal combustion models, with all versions having front disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, and all-round independent suspension.

Aixam Mega is produced by the Aixam Mega Group, which manufactures vehicles at its purpose-built plant at Chanas, south of Lyon, France.

The Mega is a lightweight, compact, vehicle that can access the tightest spots with minimal environmental impact. Not only that but itís polycarbonate body panels are pedestrian friendly (if pedestrian friendly concepts really exists, that is) making it ideal for use in public areas such as pedestrian precincts.

The versatility of the Mega has not gone unnoticed and an increasing number of British local authorities are adding Megas to their fleets, either to supplement existing operations, or to replace heavy and unwieldy conventional vehicles. Operational uses currently see Megas serving in street cleaning services, parks and cemetery maintenance, internal delivery services, and hospital waste control to name just a few of the tasks the lightweight truck is ideally suited to.

The Mega is available with a variety of body styles, from a plain chassis cab that can have a lightweight custom-built body attached; through van bodies with roller shutter or twin rear doors (side entry by roller shutter is also available), to drop-side utility, tipper beds, and a mini-skip delivery vehicle ideal for use on caravan sites, hospitals and other locations where space is at a premium.

2005 Aixam Mega

The standard Mega comes with an easily serviced 479cc Kubota diesel engine that many workshops will be familiar with. Drive is via a constantly variable transmission, eliminating gear changes and making the Mega simplicity itself to drive allowing the operator to concentrate on his/her surroundings when working amongst pedestrian traffic.

As an alternative the Mega is supplied with an electric motor. The electric Mega has all the benefits of the diesel plus the benefit of a quiet, emission free operation. With an eight hour duty cycle the electric Mega is capable of working a full shift without recharging.

2005 Aixam Mega

The Mega may be compact, but it is an ideal vehicle for those operations requiring just one person and tools for the job. Parking isnít ever going to be a problem, and environmental impact is minimal. The Mega ground pressure is probably little more than a human footprint. Using a Mega on grass or footpaths leaves little more sign of passing that would be left by a pedestrian. The Mega gets tools to the place they are needed with minimal damage to the surroundings.

Moreover, at the end of its service life the polycarbonate body, the aluminium chassis, glass and other components of the Mega are virtually 100 per cent recyclable.

2005 Aixam Mega
2005 Aixam Mega fitted with a 'catering' van body

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