New Audi A6 Avant Cements Claim
'Beautiful Estate Cars are Called Avant'


Audi A6 Avant

26th July, 2005

Audi has launched its elegant and versatile new A6 Avant in Australia. With countless innovations, a high standard of comfort and luxurious equipment, the Audi A6 Avant cements the claim that ‘beautiful estate cars are called Avant’.

So successful is the new A6 Avant concept since its market launch in Europe in mid-March this year that over 30,000 cars have been delivered to customers in just four months.

Even compared with its highly covetable predecessor, of which 390,000 were sold worldwide, this new model features an entirely new range of engines, outstanding driveability, larger dimensions, contemporary new styling and numerous technological advancements from the luxury segment.

The new A6 Avant is a key addition to Audi’s model line up in Australia as an extension to the successful A6 range. The Avant offers a vastly more contemporary and beautiful take on a load-carrying vehicle concept for customers who need spaciousness, but who want to challenge convention with their choice of vehicle.

Audi Australia’s managing director, Mr Joerg Hofmann, is confident that the A6 Avant will find favour in the Australian market, as it has in Europe.

“We firmly believe that there is a market for this style of vehicle. Although the A6 Avant will be a relatively niche model in the Australian market which is currently dominated by SUVs, we are confident that its supremely sharp styling will entice luxury car buyers to consider this car in favour of a less sporty offroad vehicle,” Mr Hofmann said.

“In Europe, around 40 percent of all Audi models sold are Avants, and the customer base is extremely loyal, hence the sales success of this latest model to-date, and adding to the claim that ‘beautiful estate cars are called Avant’.

“Great design, combined with strong performance plus the spaciousness of the Avant concept makes it a very attractive proposition for Australian luxury car buyers who eschew the traditional approach to performance motoring,” Mr Hofmann said.

For Australia, two powerful six-cylinder petrol engines are at the heart of the new A6 Avant, including;

- 3.2 V6 FSI developing 188 kW (255 bhp), 330 Newton-metres
- 2.4 V6 developing 130 kW (177 bhp), 230 Newton-metres

Both front-wheel and quattro permanent four-wheel drive ensure that the engine's power is always translated reliably into traction, and thanks to the advanced suspension design and very rigid bodyshell, opens up new horizons in driving dynamics.

Measuring 4.93 metres in length, 1.86 metres in width, and 1.46 metres in height, the new Audi A6 Avant is visibly impressive. The lines of the car combine the clear Audi architecture with other core elements of the brand's progressive design including the hallmark single-frame grille.

The classic proportions of the Avant's silhouette, with its high shoulder line, narrow window area, coupé-like roofline and flat, sloping tail end, have been infused with a new degree of dynamism and tension.

The contours of the gently rising, curved shoulder line and the powerful, sweeping motion of the dynamic line above the side sills give the entire body of the car a forward-moving, tapered appearance.

The horizontal design of the rearward structure, with the two-section rear lights curving well in towards the centre, gives the vehicle an air of sturdiness and stability.

A glance at the front end, with the trapezoidal-shape single-frame radiator grille, reveals the A6 Avant to be a member of the latest generation of Audi models. The latest lighting technology is visible behind the clear glass covers of the headlights.

Fully-integrated polished aluminium roof rails are also a standard feature of this stunning vehicle, adding to its coupe-like silhouette.

Audi A6 Avant

The high quality of the materials and finish inside the A6 Avant is typical of an Audi interior. With a distinctively sporty flair and close attention to ergonomic perfection, the cockpit ensures the driver is luxuriously cocooned and fully integrated.

The load area also radiates sophistication and innovation. Meticulously planned and executed, an ingenious securing concept for the Avant, with a large number of clever configurations, permits an unprecedented level of versatility and ensures that even luggage travels business class.

There are two securing rails recessed into the floor of the level, 1.05 metre wide load area (through-loading width) which are fitted with four sliding, adjustable and lockable lashing eyes which, along with the luggage net fitted as standard, can be used to secure individual items of luggage of almost any size.

A telescoping rod which can be fixed to both rails, divides up the luggage compartment diagonally or horizontally to secure luggage of any configuration. Additional support is provided by a retaining strap which can either lash objects securely against the sides of the luggage compartment, or divide up the compartment transversely to keep large, bulky items of luggage in place.

All A6 Avant versions have bag hooks integrated into the luggage compartment trim, as well as an additional luggage net to one side.

The load area floor can be folded up and locked in a variety of positions to divide up the load area, providing scope for stowing objects between the rear backrest and the raised floor to prevent them from sliding around, but also provides access to the lower load area, where a large plastic tray is integrated for wet or dirty items.

Audi's development engineers have further optimised the securing method for the safety partition net, which protects the passengers against displaced items of luggage in the event of emergency braking manoeuvres or a nose-to-tail collision. It is much easier to fold the rear seat back down one third, two thirds or entirely, as desired.

For the first time, the A6 Avant comes with an optional automatic tailgate that opens and closes at the push of a button. The opening process can also be initiated by pressing the button on the car key and the opening angle can be infinitely varied.

The first A6 Avant was introduced in 1977 as the Audi 100 Avant C2. Over two million cars in this supremely successful model line have been built and sold since the original.

Audi A6 Avant

Audi A6 Avant range & pricing

Audi A6 Avant 2.4-litre multitronic $84,990
Audi A6 Avant 3.2-litre FSI quattro tiptronic $105,400

Audi A6 Avant

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