Audi A8 Forges Ahead
with a Fresh New Face in Australia


The new Audi A8

27th July, 2005

Audi will release its new A8 model range to the market in August with the striking trapezoidal ‘single frame’ grille spearheading the model range’s fresh new face in Australia.

With a superlative 6.0-litre long-wheelbase variant at the forefront of the fresh, new-look range, the Audi A8 is undoubtedly the most sporty luxury saloon in its class. Once again, the brand with the four-ring badge will demonstrate its ability to raise the benchmark for dynamic performance in the very top automotive bracket.

The new-look A8 range is clearly recognisable at first glance, proudly bearing the company’s formal design idiom that distinguishes the front-end. The central element is the striking trapezoidal ‘single frame’ radiator grille, the outer chrome ring of which surrounds the painted fins of the grille within.

The new face points to the tremendous dynamic potential of the A8 and its range of powerful engines. It instils a feeling of new-found confidence for the Audi range in Australia, supported by strong sales figures year-to-date.

This is the first time in Australia that the topmost vehicle in the Audi range will be available with its new face. To-date, the A3 Sportback, A4 and A6 models feature the Audi singleframe design, and now with the introduction of this design language to the A8, the company’s core model range is complete.

Managing director, Mr Joerg Hofmann, believes the A8 range is the most impressive in its segment.

“In an international market segment that is declining, the Audi A8 range nevertheless continues to hold its appeal thanks to its timeless and elegant design,” Mr Hofmann said.

“As one of the strongest indicators of brand strength, success in the uppermost luxury class is critical. With its multi-award winning A8, the Audi brand is defying the declining international market trend in this class and is steadily making inroads in key markets like the US and China.

“In fact, the A8 outsells its primary competitors in the European market."

“In Australia, the launch of the first new A8 (D3) in 2003 saw Audi at last recognised for the outstanding design, technology and performance of this range-topping model. This new range, now with our confident and fresh face, will see the A8 steadily increase its market share in Australia, despite the strength of the competition,” Mr Hofmann said.

In addition to the range-topping 6.0-litre W12 version, the A8 range also includes a 3.7-litre, 4.2-litre and a 4.2-litre long-wheelbase version. All four variants feature Audi’s intuitive 6-speed tiptronic transmission to transmit dynamic power to the road efficiently and effectively.

With power output ranging from 206 kW and 360 Nm up to 331 kW and 580 Nm, the Audi A8 range is as sporty as it is luxurious.

Another distinguishing feature of this dynamic range is the company’s class-leading quattro all-wheel drive system. Unique to Audi in the top-most luxury class, quattro all-wheel drive is an essential element of the high-performance nature of the Audi A8.

Not only does it provide one of the most-advanced active safety systems around, but its permanent operation means that the car quite literally sticks to the road, enhancing dynamism on all road surfaces and in any weather.

Naturally for Audi, the new-look A8 range boasts the very highest level of active and passive safety, including further crash optimisation to meet a stringent new forthcoming US safety test procedure.

There is an impressive list of standard equipment for the new model year, including a new version of adaptive headlight.

First seen on the new A6 sedan, this further development of the Adaptive Front Lighting system means safety at the highest level. Part of the standard Xenon Plus headlights, a dynamic cornering light function with pivoting headlights is now included, allowing the side of the road and corners to be clearly illuminated at the use of the indicator and as the steering wheel is turned. In addition, side lighting also operates at the turn of the steering wheel and during reversing.

The inclusion of ‘silver-vision’ adds the finishing touch to the A8’s impressive lighting system. When viewed from the front, the entire headlight unit of the A8 now appears silver, with the orange indicator bulb no longer present to interrupt the purity of the headlight design.

Another key addition to the list of equipment is a new “Audi Parking System Plus” at the front and rear of the vehicle. In addition to the familiar acoustic parking aid, there is now a new optical parking function viewed through the intuitive Multi Media Interface MMI.

All models now come standard with a 3-spoke multifunction sports leather steering wheel with paddle shifts. The new-generation steering wheel boss also now boasts a new ‘single frame’ design at the centre of the wheel.

New sporty, alloy wheels with a multi-spoke design have been fitted to the new A8 range and locking wheel bolts are now fitted as standard, enhancing the security of the vehicle which also boasts DataDot microdot identification.

Several new paint colours have been added to the range including Phantom Black, Quartz Grey and Garnet Red.

The A8 L 4.2 now comes standard with a BOSE surround sound system with a total output of 350 watts, acoustically matched to the interior, 8-channel amplifier and high resolution digital signal processing.

In addition, the A8 L 4.2 now comes with a rear dual-band/GSM hands-free car phone including a charging cradle which is integrated into the rear centre armrest. Incoming calls can also be taken from the rear via this handset. Two rear illuminated vanity mirrors are another standard feature of the long-wheelbase version.

New Audi A8 range & pricing for the 2006 model year

Audi A8 3.7 V8 quattro tiptronic $169,950
Audi A8 4.2 V8 quattro tiptronic $202,000
Audi A8 L 4.2 V8 quattro tiptronic $217,100
Audi A8 L 6.0 W12 quattro tiptronic $325,000

The new Audi A8

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