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Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro - A new dimension in dynamics

Audi R8 5.2. FSI quattro (copyright image)

Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro

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4th February, 2009

Audi continues to reinforce its position in the high-performance sports car segment – in the R8 5.2 FSI quattro it is rolling out the new top-of-the-line model of the R8 model series, which was developed jointly with quattro GmbH. Its ten-cylinder engine develops 386 kW, which is capable of delivering breathtaking performance. Audi technologies such as quattro permanent all-wheel drive, the lightweight aluminium body and the innovative all-LED lights propel the new top Audi model to the top of its competitive field.

A zero to 100 km/h sprint of 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 316 km/h exemplify the breathtaking dynamics of the R8 5.2 FSI quattro. And this car serves these up as exhilarating power experiences – with a ferocious response to the 'go' pedal, outstanding revving ability, and a thrilling crescendo of technological music.

The V10 engine is firmly placed in Audi’s great motor sport tradition. It revs all the way up to 8,700 rpm – almost as high as a racing engine. At 6,500 rpm the naturally aspirated 5.2-litre engine delivers a full 530 Nm of torque, at 8,000 rpm it achieves its maximum power output of 386 kW. The specific power output is 100.9 hp per litre of displacement, while its power-to-weight ratio is just 3.1 kilogrammes (6.83 lb) per hp.

The 5.2-litre engine uses direct injection according to the FSI principle developed by Audi. It achieves a compression ratio of 12.5:1, which contributes substantially to the high power output and the moderate fuel consumption. The R8 5.2 FSI quattro – in the version with the sequential R tronic transmission – gets by on an average of 13.7 litres per 100 km. Dry sump lubrication is another technology derived from motor sport that ensures oil feed in any position – even at the maximum transverse acceleration of 1.2 g that this high performance car from Audi reaches.


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Audi delivers the R8 5.2 FSI quattro with manual six-speed transmission, or optionally with R tronic, which enables the driver to change gears in an instant via rocker switches on the steering wheel. The “Launch Control” function is integrated with both types of transmission – a programme that catapults the car forward from a standing start. The quattro permanent all-wheel drive distributes the engine’s torque to all four wheels, with a strong bias towards the rear wheels. The R8 5.2 FSI quattro features an axle load distribution of 44 to 56 per cent – ideal for a mid-engine sports car. All four wheels are guided by dual aluminium wishbones. The suspension is tuned for a highly dynamic ride, yet preserves an appreciable degree of comfort thanks to Audi magnetic ride. This standard technology continually adapts the function of the shock absorbers to the requirements of the driver and the road.

Exclusive 19-inch wheels of 10-spoke Y design are standard equipment. The front wheels are equipped with size 235/35 tyres, the rear with size 295/30 tyres. The brakes likewise deliver out-and-out performance. Optionally available from Audi are carbon-fibre ceramic brake discs, which are extremely light weight and durable.

Setting the standard in light weight design: The ASF body

The R8 5.2 FSI quattro with six-speed manual gearshift tips the scales at a modest 1,620 kilogrammes – mainly thanks to its light weight body. Built of aluminium in the Audi Space Frame design, it weighs a mere 210 kilogrammes. The ASF design is extremely rigid, which ensures dynamic, precise and secure handling as well as occupant safety.

The interior of this high-performance sports car from Audi provides astonishing roominess. Behind the seats and under the bonnet is room for 190 litres of luggage. The car is luxuriously equipped – heated seat covers of Fine Nappa leather, the navigation system plus, the Bang & Olufsen sound system and automatic air conditioning are standard equipment. Carefully arranged interior details underscore the leading position of this top-of-the-line model.


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The exterior of the R8 5.2 FSI quattro also differs distinctly from that of its V8 counterpart – with especially notable changes at the front, at the side blades which provide the engine with intake air, and at the tail end. A very distinctive highlight of the R8 V10 are the all-LED headlights as standard equipment. Audi is the world’s first car maker to use LEDs for the high beam, low beam, daytime running lights and turn signals.

Just like the eight-cylinder model, the ten-cylinder version is hand-built at quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm. The Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro will be rolled out in Germany in the second quarter of 2009.

Australian Availability

The new version of the R8 will come to Australia, in limited numbers, during late 2009.

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