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BMW’s New Voice Control

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11th June, 2009

BMW will soon present the next generation technology for voice control which allows for even more reliable and convenient operation of navigation systems and infotainment functions.

For the first time, one single voice command is sufficient to completely transmit the driver’s destination into the navigation system. The driver’s verbal statement specifying the place, street and number is processed immediately by the system, with all data going directly into the navigation unit.

The driver no longer has to specify the place, street and number in individual steps, but can rather read out all of this information in one go. Should the driver, for example, read out the address “Berlin, Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1”, the BMW will take the driver straight to the Federal Chancellery in the capital of Germany.

BMW will also be the first European car maker to offer voice recognition which can not only choose the appropriate audio source, but also find individual music titles. The system monitors and interprets the user’s voice commands regarding the type of music, the name of the artist, an album or an individual title, ensuring the precise access to the audio programme desired.

The user-friendly optimisation of the voice control function will enable the driver to use these extended options even more conveniently, without the slightest effort, enhancing comfort and safety in road traffic.

The driver is able to use the navigation and entertainment systems in his/her BMW quickly and efficiently, at the same time concentrating entirely on driving conditions and the traffic around him/her.

The new system will be launched in selected markets, including Germany, later this year, with other markets to follow.


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