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BMW Announces the M5 Touring



11th January, 2007

BMW M5 Touring

BMWs M Division has lifted the covers off its latest model, the BMW M5 Touring. Featuring BMWs V10 power plant, its the first time this engine has been seen in a five-door model. With a maximum output of 373 kW and peak torque of 520 Newton-metres, the V10 provides the kind of spirited performance normally found in a sports sedan.

One hundred per cent sports car,
one hundred per cent Touring

The BMW M5 Touring offers a versatile package super car performance packaged into a five door body with the added bonus of everyday driveability.

The BMW M5 Touring accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, a fraction behind its Sedan stablemate. And given its performance capabilities, the M5 Touring does not shirk its fuel consumption responsibilities. Average fuel consumption in the EU combined test cycle is 15 litres/100 kms with a highway figure of 10.6 litres/100 kms.

In line with the BMW 530i Touring, the M version features a completely flat rear floor and 60/40 split fold rear seats. Luggage capacity ranges from 500 litres up to 1,650 litres with both rear seats folded flat.

Discreet Design

The M5 Touring is distinguishable from the 530i Touring model due to its modified front air dams and side-sills, air intakes on the side panels, a rear air dam as well as the now trademark M quad tail pipes.

Under the metal, modifications have also been done to the suspension, steering and DSC Dynamic Stability Control system which have all been optimised to match the power of the engine and the modified centre of gravity. To further enhance the torsional stiffness of the M5 Tourings body, the reinforcements between the side-sills and the floor in the luggage compartment have been specially modified in accordance with the BMW M Car philosophy.

Seven-speed SMG transmission

The Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) with Drivelogic enables the driver to shift gears either manually or in automatic Drive mode and is operated via the selector lever on the console or paddleshifts on the steering wheel.

The SMG Drivelogic system offers no less than 11 driving programmes enabling the driver to adjust the gearshift characteristics to suit their own motoring style. Using the manual gearshift functions in S-mode (sequential), the driver is also able to pre-select six of the eleven programmes. The six gears are supplemented by five automatic driving programmes in D-mode (drive), as well as a launch control function.

Gearshifts in the M5 Touring can be executed 20 per cent faster than previous sequential manual gearboxes. Ideally, one gearshift takes only about 65 milliseconds. To put this into perspective it will take a seasoned driver about 0.5 seconds to perform a manual gearshift. These extremely short gearshift times allow a very dynamic and active driving experience.

DSC Dynamic Stability Control with M Dynamic Mode

To match the performance of the M5 Touring both the two-joint spring strut front axle and the integral arm have been modified in a number of ways, aluminium thrust panel on the front axle subframe for example, ensures additional lateral stiffness.

A further improvement is the modified front axle kinematics reflecting the change in weight distribution and the cars centre of gravity.

The many functions and features of DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) specially enhanced for BMW M Cars may also be controlled by the driver. By pressing the MDrive button on the M leather steering wheel, for example, the driver is able to activate the M Dynamic Mode, with the DSC response thresholds cutting in at a level specified in advance. This, in turn, enables the driver to enjoy a controlled power slide in bends, gently counter-steering in particularly dynamic driving manoeuvres, with DSC cutting in only when the car reaches the limits of driving physics. As a further feature DSC may be fully deactivated on the BMW M5 Touring.

Programmable EDC and Variable M Differential Lock

EDC (Electronic Damper Control) offers drivers the choice of adjusting chassis and suspension settings to suit driving conditions. By pressing the MDrive button located on either the steering wheel or next to the transmission selector, the driver can call up three different suspension settings ranging from comfort to an extremely dynamic sports ride.

The Variable M Differential Lock allows optimum traction on all kinds of surfaces, building up 100 per cent locking action when required. This enables the M5 Touring to accelerate even faster out of bends and drive smoothly on all road surfaces such as snow, gravel and ice.

The new M5 Touring, in line with its M5 Sedan stablemate, also comes standard with the P400 Performance Programme which is automatically activated every time the engine is started providing maximum output of 400 hp. By pressing the Power Button, full engine output of 507 hp is activated.

Function with Sporting Style

As with all M models, the new M5 Touring is also available with the special M-designed Head Up Display (HUD) system. The HUD projects directly on to the windscreen and incorporates a shift light function to prompt drivers to change up, a rev counter display, SMG Drivelogic gear engaged and road speed. Alternatively it can also project information about navigation symbols and cruise control status. It can also be supplemented with specific M data such as the variable pre-warning field in the rev counter complete with integrated Shift Lights.

The BMW M5 Touring will be launched mid-year in Europe.

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