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Australians Boost BMW V10 to Record Highs


22nd November, 2006


BMW M6 convertible

The BMW home of ultra-high performance cars, BMW M GmbH, is firing on all ten cylinders thanks to demand for its jewel.

Voted International Engine of the Year for two years in a row, the BMW V10 M engine has brought the ultimate ultimate driving experience to 20,000 customers in less than two years, a new record for an engine of this configuration.

Australian sales of the V10 5.0-litre (373 kW) motor fitted to the M5 Sedan and M6 Coupé reflect the demand, with 280 cars sold in Australia in only 16 months on sale (for the M5) and one year for the M6 Coupé.

Since the arrival of the M6 Coupe, total 6 Series sales in Australia have more than doubled.

In the next few weeks the V10 engine is to become available in a third BMW M model, the $295,000 M6 Convertible.

Australia’s share of global BMW M sales ran at a higher level, almost 15 per cent more, than total BMW brand sales last year.

“Australian buyers have fallen in love with the high-performance V10 M cars and local deliveries represent an undeniable vote of approval from buyers in this exclusive and exotic market segment,” said Paul Ferrari, National Special Vehicles Sales Manager for BMW Group Australia.

The BMW V10 motor is built at the same Munich plant that BMW–Sauber F1 uses to build its Formula 1 engines.

A small celebration at the Special Engine Line at the plant earlier this month welcomed the 20,000th V10 engine.

In designing the V10 engine for the BMW M5 and M6, BMW M technicians were not only hoping to emulate the number and configuration of the cylinders of the F1 cars, but also to carry over some of the high-revving Formula 1 driving experience. As a result, the BMW V10 M engine revs to an unusually high 8,250 rpm.

This principle, only mastered by a few, generates enormous thrust from high engine speeds and is characteristic of all high-performance naturally aspirated engines made by BMW M GmbH.

For the technically minded the specifications of the BMW M5 and M6 engine read like that of a Formula racer:

Ten cylinders, a capacity of five litres, an output of 373 kW at 7,750 rpm, maximum torque of 520 Nm at 6,100 rpm and maximum engine speed of 8,250 rpm.

Its lightweight design means it is only one kg heavier than the previous V8 engine used in the E39 M5.

The BMW M5, M6 and M6 Convertible all accelerate to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds.

High power outputs from high-revving engines are one of the cornerstones of BMW M, but the V10 engine moves this concept into a totally new realm, previously believed to be out of the reach of serial production engines due to the enormous stress forces.

At 8,000 crankshaft rotations per minute, each of the ten pistons travels around 20 metres per second – almost as much as the pistons in a Formula 1 engine (around 25 m-s).

But while long-term resilience is a relative factor in motor racing, an M engine must last the lifetime of the car – in every climate, in every road situation and with all driving styles.

To make the V10 concept work for a road car, BMW M configured the engine to include a torsionally stiff bedplate, weight-optimised full slipper pistons, single-section cylinder heads made of aluminium and the so-called cross-flow cooling concept which ensures an even temperature throughout the cylinder head.

The V10 M engine also has the variable camshaft control system double VANOS, port throttles as in motor racing and a system which – like a dry sump – always ensures a permanent oil supply to the engine even at high levels of transverse acceleration.

Importantly, the engine management system for the V10 high-performance engine was developed by BMW M’s own engineers. The system’s modern 32-bit processors can process over 200 million individual operations per second: for each separate cylinder and firing cycle they calculate ignition timing, charge, injection quantity and timing.

The first of the new BMW M6 Convertibles will reach Australian customers in December.

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