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BMW fool hundreds with April Fool's Day joke (copyright image)

The "Will" badge is a slightly modified, inverted "M" badge.

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by Stephen Walker

30th April, 2011

BMW advertised, on 1st April 2011, in UK newspapers announcing a special M3 Royal Edition was coming to celebrate the marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. Keen observers recognise that BMW has 'form' when it comes to advertising on April Fool's Day. Yet hundreds fell for the prank. The advertisement gave contact details for BMW's Pauline Yorlegg. See the advertisement here. Additionally, you can see our story from 3rd April 2011 here. Within days of the advertisements appearing BMW had received 259 e-mails and had taken 1,277 calls from folks who didn't recognise that Ms Yorlegg was also a code for "pulling your leg"!

This stunt was, in my opinion, the best yet from a company that has specialised in some amusing tricks for April Fool's Day. Can they beat this one next year?

Our 3rd April 2011 story on this prank was Next Car's most popular news page during April 2011.


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