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2006 Citroen C4 HDi

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22nd January, 2006

The CitroŽn C4 HDi, the turbo diesel variant of CitroŽn's mid-size hatchback, is now on sale in Australia, delivering a unique combination of economy, performance and safety.

"CitroŽn has played an integral part in the rise of diesel powered cars in Australia with the CitroŽn C5 HDi sedan and wagon proving what an amazing combination of economy, performance and even driving pleasure modern diesels can deliver," explains Miles Williams, General Manager of CitroŽn in Australia. "Australian car buyers have taken to this new generation of diesel-powered CitroŽns in ever growing numbers, with diesel sales out-numbering petrol almost two to one."

"Now it is the turn of the C4 to benefit from the latest generation of diesel power units," explains Mr Williams. "Anyone who thinks that diesel engines are a trade-off of economy against power should look at the figures for the C4's new 1.6 turbo diesel. Not only does it have the same power as 1.6 petrol unit in the C4, it has a huge leap in torque from 147 to 240 Newton metres. This means that driving the C4 HDi is a remarkably effortless experience as that torque, the essential motive force that provides acceleration, is available not just in such a plentiful quantity, this ultra-smart engine will actually increase the available torque to 260 Nm under acceleration when it's most needed!"

"At the same time as this effortless driving experience, the C4 HDi is also delivering in spades what diesels are most renowned for: Economy. With an open road figure of just 4.0 litres per 100 km, or 70 mpg in the old money, the CitroŽn C4 truly gives new meaning to the word frugal!"

The heart of the CitroŽn C4 HDi is the newest diesel engine to be produced by CitroŽn, using the latest common rail direct injection technology, aided by a variable displacement turbocharger with an overboost feature to provide that extra torque under acceleration.

The HDi 110 features a second-generation injection system delivering injection pressure of 1,650 bars, controlled by piezoelectric-type injectors. A variable displacement turbocharger enhances driving pleasure and performance.

This engine makes full use of the potential offered by the common-rail system with its multiple injection technology and the enhanced management of fuel injection into each cylinder, providing four injections per engine cycle:

  • Two pilot injections to reduce combustion noise
  • Two main injections to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at source.

As a result of its low fuel consumption - 4.7 l/100 km over a standard combined cycle - and its 60-litre tank, this engine offers a range of more than 1,200 km. The CO2 emissions are also very low, at 125 g/km.

CitroŽn's long term experience with diesel engines also means that noise, often seen as a diesel handicap, is kept well at bay. Indeed, under most conditions most people could not pick that the C4 HDi is even a diesel version of the C4. This has been achieved by a process that goes right back to the initial design of the C4, with the bodyshell designed to take the latest sound deadening technology. Computer-controlled engine mounts alter their stiffness to match the engine speed so as to minimise vibration and noise transmission. The anti-noise package is completed by total encapsulation of the engine with sound deadening materials, which even stops noise bouncing off the road surface and, as the C4 moves forward, bouncing back into the passenger compartment.

The CitroŽn C4 shares its equipment package with the C4 1.6 hatch and is, therefore, equally innovative, stylish, well equipped and offers excellent value for money to match its fuel economy.

Starting with safety, the C4 has the same benchmark pedestrian safety system, ANCAP five star accident safety standard, ABS equipped brakes, ESP Electronic Stability Programme, cruise control with speed limiter and personal safety features such as the remote operation headlights and central locking that locks the boot automatically and which can be set to lock the doors when the C4 HDi goes above 10 km/h.

Equipment levels are lavish. The unique fixed-hub CitroŽn steering wheel operates speed sensitive power steering. The front and rear windows and locks are also power operated. A CD audio system provides a high quality of sound entertainment and information. The stylish interior abounds with storage spots and clever features that make owning the C4 a delight. Even the boot is well equipped with the ModuLoad system providing a unique solution to the problem of items rolling loose around the boot. Alloy wheels and front fog lights complete the equipment package.

The CitroŽn C4 HDi arrives on the Australian market priced at $29,990, slotting into the range between the 1.6 petrol C4 and the 2.0 litre C4 five door.

"Our target for the C4 HDi is that it will initially account for around 15 to 20 per cent of C4 sales, given that diesel variants in the C4's sector are comparatively recent arrivals in Australia, compared to the more established diesel availability in the C5's market sector," explains Miles Williams. "However, given the inherent advantages of the HDi, the rising cost of fuel in Australia and growing local awareness of modern diesels, I fully expect the C4 HDi to become the most popular C4 version."

2006 Citroen C4 HDi

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