CitroŽn C4 Enterprise

2005 Citroen C4 Enterprise

7th June, 2005

French van drivers must think they have died and gone to heaven. More than ever before, Paris couriers will think they are the next Sťbastien Loeb (CitroŽn driver in the World Rally Championship) and there'll be no shortage of people willing to take the company van home in France!

This is because CitroŽn has launched a special van version of its ultra-stylish C4 coupe called the CitroŽn C4 Enterprise for their home market only. CitroŽn has taken the award-winning C4 Coupe, removed the rear seats, put in a full-length load floor, load barriers and a full length load cover, but left all the features and style that makes the CitroŽn C4 Coupe so special.

This could only happen in France!

So while there's a load in the back, up front there's the unique fixed hub steering wheel, the unique perfume dispenser, the unique translucent digital instrument display and the C4 Enterprise shares the normal C4's five star Euro-NCAP safety rating and the highest ever score for pedestrian safety. And all of this sits on a chassis from the company that is the reigning Manufacturers' World Rally Championship title holder, or, in other words, a van driver's dream: I have the same chassis as Sťbastien Loeb; therefore I can drive like Sťbastien Loeb!

Under the bonnet, the CitroŽn C4 Enterprise is powered by the same 1.6 litre Turbo Diesel engine that will be arriving in the Australian C4 later this year. This advanced engine produces 80 kW and an epic 240 Nm of torque with, thanks to the over-boost feature, 260 Nm available during acceleration. This remarkable engine is both clean, thanks to its standard particulate filter, and, with an open road fuel consumption figure of just 4.0 litres/100 km in the CitroŽn C4 Enterprise, it is remarkably economical.

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