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Citroen Launches New Diesel C4 At Brisbane Motor Show



11th January, 2008

Citroen C4 HDi

Citroen will add another diesel model to its Australian line-up, at the Brisbane Motor Show, with the launch of the CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 litre automatic.

ďThe arrival of this new variant of the CitroŽn C4 range is a clear illustration of how the diesel car market in Australia is maturing,Ē says Miles Williams, General Manager for CitroŽn in Australia. ďUntil now diesel sales have been primarily driven by their economy and environmental benefits and, therefore, the top sellers have been versions that optimise the price equation. However, starting with the launch of the CitroŽn C6, our range-topping super-luxury model, in which the majority of sales are diesel powered, we are now seeing increasing demand for the top trim and equipment variants to be diesel powered, with owners wishing to combine comfort with economy.Ē

Following the launch of the CitroŽn C4 Picasso, in which the majority of sales are for the 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel matched to the six speed automatic gearbox, CitroŽn have now slotted this drive-train into the CitroŽn C4 hatch with the highest trim and equipment level to produce a compact car that blends luxury, economy, environmental performance and performance.

Powered by CitroŽnís 100 kW 2.0 Turbo Diesel engine, the new CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 litre can despatch the dash to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds, yet, at the same time, offer an open road fuel consumption of 5.1 litres per 100 km. The combination of an advanced six speed automatic gearbox and 320 Nm of torque Ė which is lifted to 340 under acceleration with the Ďoverboostí feature Ė provides effortless performance across all speeds and under all conditions. The Turbo Diesel engineís economy also provides the luxury of reducing the number of fuel stops, with a range of 1,000 kms readily available on open road journeys.

Like the other variants in the CitroŽn C4 range, the new C4 HDI 2.0 shares a design that has been acclaimed as much for its good looks as its design and safety. It shares its trim and equipment level with the CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 petrol version.

ďThe new diesel CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 provides a natural compliment for the existing diesel variant, the C4 HDI EGS,Ē says Miles Williams. ďThe C4 HDi EGS, which arrives in Brisbane with a two month waiting list, such is its popularity, is fully optimised to provided the best running costs.Ē

Pricing and full specifications for the CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 will be announced at theBrisbane Motor Show on 1st February, 2008.

Joining the new C4 HDi on the CitroŽn stand at the Brisbane Motor Show will be the latest version of the CitroŽn C3 and it will be no surprise to the learn that it, too, is a diesel.

The Citroen C3 HDi provides its environmental credentials not just with low consumption and impressive 118 g/km CO2 emissions Ė below the 120 g/km benchmark figure that the European Green Officials have set other car makers the target of reaching. It is also approved to run on commercially produced BioDiesel that meets the DIN standard up to a 30 per cent blend.

The Brisbane Motor Show marks the start of what will be a highly significant year for CitroŽn in its 85 year Australian market history.

The CitroŽn C4 HDi 2.0 will be followed later in the year by the launches of the new CitroŽn Berlingo, the all new CitroŽn C5 sedan and wagon and the expansion of CitroŽnís commercial vehicle range with the arrival of the CitroŽn Dispatch, a medium sized van to sit above the Berlingo and the launch of the CitroŽn Nemo, sitting below the Berlingo.

ďIt looks as if 2008 will be lucky 13 for CitroŽn,Ē says Miles Williams. ďLast year we set a new all-time Australian sales record for CitroŽn in what was our 12th successive year of sales increases. With the strength of our existing model range, a plethora of new models due to arrive in 2008 and our dealer group going from strength to strength, there can be little doubt that this year will be another record year for CitroŽn and Australia!Ē

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