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Citroen DS4 for Paris Motor Show (copyright image)

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30th August, 2010

Citroen has released first details for the new DS4, a unique and attractive blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility, which will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday 30th September 2010.

The Citroen DS4 is the second model in Citroën’s distinctively-styled DS line, following on from the Citroen DS3, which will be released locally next week.

An alluring mixture of design codes and a bold approach to automotive styling - with an emphasis on driving pleasure and advanced vehicle architecture - DS4 is a model with a multitude of talents, effortlessly responding to a broad range of owner needs, while enhancing the appeal and vitality of the motoring experience.

The DS4 combines sophistication and refinement with a dynamic coupé-like body, providing exceptional versatility and day-to-day practicality within a compact design - 4.27 m (l), 1.81 m (w) and 1.53 m (h).

Citroen DS4 delivers a new 'at-the-wheel' experience with driving sensations and agile on-road handling.  With its slightly raised stance and taut lines, DS4 is a unique and eye-catching addition to the segment.

Finely crafted to convey a prestigious presence both inside and out, the DS4 offers meticulous detailing from carefully applied chrome touches to premium cabin materials - such as the finest quality leather seats. A large panoramic windscreen, offering enhanced occupant visibility, illuminates the driver-focused cockpit, providing a bright and welcoming environment.

Combining a sleek style with 2+2 door practicality, the DS4 offers three full-sized rear seats, accessed by rear doors with hidden handles that are seamlessly integrated into the body’s flowing lines.  DS4 also benefits from a capacious 370-litre boot and a host of clever storage solutions.

With a choice of five refined and efficient engines - two HDi diesels and three petrol powerplants - DS4 delivers both powerful performance - with a new to Citroën 200 hp petrol unit - and ecologically sensitive motoring - with Citroën’s new e-HDi drivetrains - for improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The new Citroen DS4 will be revealed at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and is expected to go on sale in Australia and New Zealand in the third quarter of 2011, at which time prices and specification will be announced.


An example of Citroen's design, the DS4 boldly blends a mix of desirable styling references to provide a new automotive proposition. Marc Pinson, DS4’s chief stylist, comments, “Reinterpreting cues opened up new possibilities, bringing practical and surprising solutions to automotive mobility”.

Compact and 'muscular', the model’s exclusive nature is underlined by the position of the iconic chevrons on the grille, the DS signature on the bonnet and a striking LED light signature around the front fog lights - which are illuminated both day and night. The eye-catching profile, featuring a chrome-finished 'waistline' surrounding dark tinted windows, is enhanced by 'muscular' wheel arches - that emphasise the large wheels (of up to 19”) - and is crowned by a tautly drawn roofline with a spoiler for added vitality. The lower part of the rear bumper is finished in chrome and the horizontal detailing on the rear light clusters highlights their innovative boomerang design.


As with its prestigious exterior, the DS4’s cabin exudes power, dynamism and refinement with each feature designed with perceived quality and aesthetic presentation in mind. The driving position is enveloping, with chrome-surround dials focused directly towards the driver’s eye-line. The characterful, sculptured dashboard also uses high quality materials for a superior tactile feel.

The DS4’s cabin is dominated by the large panoramic windscreen that extends backwards into the roofline to combine expanded visibility with an intimate interior ambience. Offering up to 45° of upward vision, the panoramic glazed area combines with DS4’s slightly raised stance to provide visibility for the driver, with a bright and airy cabin environment for passengers.

Allowing owners to personalise the interior, DS4 is available with a choice of five leather combinations, including two-tone options. Range-topping models are also equipped with high quality leather on the dashboard and door panels - complete with a ‘Bracelet’ design on the seats, suggesting the links of a watch strap.

For an added touch of luxury, there is chrome detailing on the air vent surrounds, instrument cluster, gear lever and parts of the centre console. Aluminium pedals, embossed leather door handles and ambient lighting are further evidence of the Citroen DS4’s attention to detail.


With its high-set, taut and agile stance, DS4 is tuned for dynamic performance, appealing to drivers looking for an involving motoring experience. “We really wanted drivers to feel like they have the road at the tips of their fingers”, says Jérémie Maestracci, DS4’s project manager.

On the road, DS4 exercises exemplary control, giving occupants a reassuring sense of safety in all circumstances. Fitted with a MacPherson type suspension assembly at the front, a flexible traverse beam at the rear and hydraulic steering with an electric pump unit, the platform is a tried and tested solution tailored for the distinctive set-up of the car.

Depending on trim level, DS4 is fitted with large-diameter (340 mm) ventilated disc brakes and, as standard, with dedicated braking control systems, including ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). Ensuring optimal vehicle control in the most demanding driving situations, DS4 also features intelligent traction control with ESP.

The Citroen DS4 will be launched with a choice of five refined and highly efficient Euro 5 engines.  The two HDi diesels - an HDi 110 (also available as an e-HDi version) and an HDi 160 - are both fitted with Citroën’s Diesel Particulate Filter System. The three petrol powerplants - VTi 120, THP 155 and the new THP 200 - were co-developed with BMW. The new THP 200 - based on the 1.6-litre engine - delivers high-level comfort and performance thanks to its power output (147 kW), plentiful torque (275 Nm at 1,700 rpm) - with low CO2 emissions of just 149 g/km. All engines are available with manual or EGS six-speed gearboxes.

Special attention has been given to the car’s acoustics, retaining the refined atmosphere on-board by minimising vibration, engine, wind and road noise. This has been achieved by specifying a laminated panoramic windscreen with damping film, fitting additional sound absorbent material around the engine compartment and enhanced sealing barriers on the body and doors.


The Citroen DS4 was designed from the start to have a reduced environmental footprint - especially evident in its construction - by using top-quality components, an ecologically focused manufacturing process and the use of ‘green materials' - around 15% of the 200 kg of plastic used in DS4 vehicle is ‘green.’

The DS4 is available with Citroen’s micro-hybrid e-HDi technology, which is available from launch on versions powered by the HDi 110 engine. A combination of several efficiency-improving technologies, the e-HDi system incorporates an economical HDi diesel powerplant; a Stop & Start system, which instantly cuts out the engine when the car comes to a halt (red lights, traffic jams); a second-generation reversible alternator and an e-booster function that restarts the engine instantly (0.4 seconds); an electronically controlled alternator that recovers energy during braking; and an electronic gearbox system with optimised gear changes.

All required features such as the radio, air-conditioning and steering functions remain in operation when the engine is stopped by the system. This innovative technology can reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 15% in built-up urban environments.


The DS4’s compact exterior belies a spacious and luxuriously comfortable cabin, which can be easily accessed by the car’s 2+2 door layout. To facilitate convenient rear seat access - often seen as a weak point for some sporty models - DS4 features seamlessly integrated rear doors with handles hidden in the door frames. Thanks to its design, the front doors of DS4 have been made narrower and lighter, making them easier to open and close, promoting easy access at the front.

Another asset in terms of versatility and roominess is DS4’s 370-litre (VDA) boot, which is equivalent in volume to that of some conventional saloons.

The DS4 also has numerous storage compartments for extra travelling comfort, including a large, well lit glove box; door pockets big enough for 1.5-litre bottles; and even a drawer under the front passenger seat. The intelligent architecture of the high-level central console (available on models fitted with EGS) also provides spacious storage areas. The most important of these - which is cooled, illuminated and protected by a sliding cover - can hold up to four bottles and houses a connectivity area with an audio-jack, a USB port and a 12-volt socket. The large compartment located under the front armrest also features an additional power source.


Beyond its distinctive styling and dynamic performance, DS4’s cabin overflows with ‘Créative Technologie’, providing equipment, functionality and innovative features for first-class travelling comfort and ultimate user convenience. Features available include an advanced audio system with processing software for effective soundscaping, distributing high quality, authentic sound evenly throughout the cabin. For ultimate driving luxury, massaging front seats are available with electric lumbar adjustment in the front passenger’s and driver’s seat backs.

An innovative example of the tailored DS4 experience, drivers can select their own on-board ambience from four ranges of polyphonic sounds - Classic, Crystal Symphony, Jungle Fantasy & Urban Rythmik - for alerts and reminders; select from three air-conditioning flow levels - soft, average & intense; and choose from an array of colours for the instrument panel - spanning from white to blue.

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Drivers can access all key driving and comfort controls - which are all immediately visible and are even backlit for night-time use - without taking their hands off the wheel.

For complete peace-of-mind, DS4 is also equipped with a range of safety-enhancing technologies:

  • The Citroën eTouch Assistance System automatically or manually makes emergency or assistance calls, using a built-in SIM card, for rapid intervention in the event of an accident or if the car is immobilised.
  • Front fog lamps with static cornering lights provide an extra beam that increases visibility when cornering - by up to 75° to the left and right of the vehicle. The lights automatically illuminate when the driver indicates or turns the wheel to an angle of more than 60°.
  • A blind-spot monitoring system - based on the same technology as reversing parking sensors - uses four ultrasound sensors to alert drivers if a vehicle is in their blind spots (i.e. an area stretching to around 5 m behind the rear bumper and 3.5 m from each side of the car).  The driver is alerted by means of a pictogramme displayed in the external mirrors.
  • Programmable cruise control with speed limiter also allows drivers to pre-set cruising and top speeds for added safety and convenience on the open road.


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