Connaught Showcases V10 Hybrid Technology

Connaught Type-D sports coupé

3rd June, 2005

Connaught has been selected by the UK's Energy Saving Trust to represent sustainable vehicle technology at the forthcoming Climate Change conference in Perthshire, Scotland on Monday 6th June. The conference addresses energy saving issues related to climate change, one of the key themes at the influential G8 Summit in Gleneagles, 6th-8th July, 2005.

The Connaught petrol/electric hybrid system is the brainchild of Tim Bishop and Tony Martindale and has to date received almost half a million pounds worth of funding from the Energy Saving Trust with 17 patents pending on its ground-breaking technology.

Connaught has beaten mainstream manufacturers in the race to produce a high performance energy-efficient sports car. The first ever V10 hybrid engine is fitted into the Connaught Type-D sports coupé, a revolutionary concept in vehicle design and engineering. The ultra-lightweight construction helps to realise ambitious fuel efficiency targets set for 2010, while the mid-front longitudinally-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive configuration guarantees maximum driving pleasure without compromising rear passenger space.

Tests recently conducted at the Vehicle Emissions Laboratory (VEL) at Millbrook Proving Ground confirm the viability of Connaught’s revolutionary system. The tests demonstrated an overall reduction in CO2 emissions of almost 15 per cent over the performance of a regular petrol engine.

"We are delighted that the Energy Saving Trust has asked us to showcase our ground-breaking energy-saving technology," explains Bishop. "Energy efficiency will be a main talking point during the Climate Change conference, so we are thrilled to be involved in demonstrating our skill in this area of future technology."

How the hybrid system works

  1. 48V electric motor assists the petrol engine
  2. Super Capacitors provide extra power to the electric motor
  3. Regenerative braking pre-charges the system in preparation for the next acceleration

Key benefits

  1. Improved fuel economy
  2. Improved performance
  3. Engine off at idle in city driving

The directors of Connaught are seeking further investment to take the project through to production in late 2006.

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