The Statesman Goes To South Korea

2005 Daewoo Staesman
2005 Daewoo Staesman

18th April, 2005

GM Daewoo Auto and Technology (GM Daewoo) has introduced its new flagship model and first large car, the Daewoo Statesman.

Based on Australia’s most popular long-wheelbase sedan from GM’s Holden unit, the Statesman combines the best of two worlds. It offers the styling, features and driving characteristics of an imported luxury car along with the competitive price and extensive aftersales service that only a domestic brand can offer.

“Adding the Statesman to our portfolio completes the GM Daewoo passenger car lineup. Our product offerings now range from mini-cars to large luxury sedans,” said GM Daewoo President and CEO Nick Reilly. “The Statesman provides us an entry in one of the fastest-growing segments of the Korean car market.”

Reilly added, “The introduction of the Statesman is an excellent demonstration of how GM Daewoo is leveraging the global resources of GM to bring new products to the market much faster than we could on our own. By working closely with our counterparts from Holden, we have ensured that the Statesman not just meets but exceeds the high expectations of Korea’s consumers.”

Dynamic, Elegant and Contemporary Design
Unlike some of its recently launched competitors, the Statesman is a true large car. A segment-leading long wheelbase gives the Statesman a slim, limousine-style profile and a spacious cabin. The long curve of the hood line is accented by prominent twin creases that end at the characteristic GM Daewoo-style grille. Traditional prestige model cues are reflected in the bright chrome vertical bars that alternate with slim vertical bars finished in darker sports graphite.

Chrome bezels on the headlamps, fog lamps and cornering lamps emphasise their brilliant, jeweled effect. The Statesman’s rear styling is sharp, clean and imposing. Striking taillamps that incorporate LED technology are sheer in design and include geometric highlights.

The cavernous interior is opulent yet precise and technical, simplified yet intuitively functional. Best-in-class rear legroom of 1,099 mm is indicative of the Statesman’s sense of space. Dark burl walnut wood-grain accents on the doors and centre console, and high-grade leather seats reflect the Statesman’s refined approach. Additional refinement to the interior comes courtesy of a leather-trimmed steering wheel, parking brake and gearshift surround; satin chrome highlights on the gearshift, hand brakes and door handles; and colour-keyed, metallic console fascia surrounds. A central high-mounted multi-functional digital display showcases the heating, ventilation and air conditioning and infotainment controls.

The Statesman has been upgraded exclusively for Korea. Among the unique features are heated front and rear seats, which provide a cozy ambiance during even the harshest winter conditions. Among the other amenities is a fuel information display that shows how far the car can run on the current amount of fuel and the exact fuel economy at any given moment . Dual DVD screens in the backs of the Statesman’s headrests provide cinema-like picture quality and sound, which can be played through individual headphones or the sedan’s 12-speaker sound system.

Advanced Alloytec V-6 Engine
The Statesman’s high-performance, high-efficiency 3.6-litre Alloytec V-6 engine produces 258 ps of power at 6,500 rpm and 34.7 kg.m of torque at 2,800 rpm, making it the most powerful engine in its segment in the Korean market. The Statesman will also be offered with a 2.8-litre version of the Alloytec V-6 engine.

The highly acclaimed new global V-6 family was developed for worldwide application in premium and high-performance vehicles. The lightweight, all-aluminium 60-degree V-6 engine features advanced double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. It maximises kinetic balance and reduces vibration.

The Alloytec’s cam phasers are continuously variable. This electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated system enables the camshafts to rotate relative to the crankshaft. By varying the intake valve timing, the cam phaser system improves engine smoothness at idle and optimises inlet flow dynamics for maximum performance. By closing exhaust valves later than normal, the system forces the desired amount of exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber for more complete burning in the next combustion cycle. The result is the best fuel economy (8.6 km/l) and power in the Statesman’s segment.

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) effectively co-ordinates the driver’s intentions with the actions of various powertrain control components. By eliminating the mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and engine, ETC allows more precise throttle control. In conjunction with its Variable Intake Manifold (VIM), ETC further improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions as well as engine vibration and noise.

State-of-the-Art Five-Speed Automatic Transmission
The Statesman features GM’s latest five-speed automatic transmission, which is the same transmission that is used in Cadillac products. The multifunctional unit provides more power and thus better acceleration for overtaking.

The fuel-efficient normal mode is perfect for everyday driving. The active select function enables the driver to change gears by simply using his or her thumb to control a paddle on the steering wheel.

Rear-Wheel Drive for Outstanding Handling
The Statesman is unique in the market in offering the comfort and convenience features expected of a large car together with the fun performance and great handling of a sporty, driver’s car.

GM Daewoo’s new flagship model is rear-wheel drive. This ensures better handling and a smoother driving experience along with steering that is free of any traction influences. With an automatic leveling suspension, the Statesman maintains a balanced height regardless of load for an even better ride.

Safety and Quality
During its three years of development, the model underwent cold weather testing in Sweden, hot weather testing in the deserts of Australia and altitude testing at Pikes Peak in the U.S. state of Colorado. In all, 1.6 million kms of durability testing and a variety of crash tests were carried out to ensure the Statesman met the highest levels of quality for safe, trouble-free driving. In addition, 143 experimental engines were put through 60 specific tests and more than 200,000 hours of testing.

The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), widely regarded as one of the most significant automotive safety systems ever, is offered on the Statesman. ESP greatly improves vehicle safety performance in situations where the driver takes emergency action to avoid a collision by electronically correcting vehicle paths through brake application to individual wheels and engine torque management.

The Statesman with ESP features Corner Brake Control (CBC), which helps maintain optimum vehicle stability through curves and corners. CBC senses different wheel rotation speeds and coordinates the brakes as they are applied to the individual wheels.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) also comes standard on the Statesman with ESP. EBD transfers brake torque between axles, providing optimised control of rear brake pressure on all road surfaces and under all vehicle loading conditions when there is a natural transference of weight from the rear to front axle due to braking.

The latest-generation Bosch ABS system optimises stopping distance with faster, surer braking. It complements the Statesman’s other safety features, which include a new traction control system for smoother, more flexible brake pressure control and the Near Obstacle Detection System (NODS), which helps identify objects in the proximity of the vehicle.

The Statesman also has extensive anti-theft devices. Deadlock doors prevent intruders from opening doors even if windows are broken. Moreover, an immobiliser makes it impossible to start the car with a copied key because the secret code of the original key must match that of the car to start the engine .

The Statesman will offer the most extensive VIP warranty and aftersales package in the Korean market among both domestically built and imported cars. Service will be available through GM Daewoo’s conveniently located nationwide network of service centres.

The price of the Statesman will be between KRW 40 million and KRW 50 million, depending on the engine and trim level. GM Daewoo will announce the exact retail prices closer to the start of sales. Statesman sales are expected to commence in late May.

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology, based in Incheon, Korea, was established in 2002. It has five manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam. GM Daewoo products are also assembled at GM facilities in China, Thailand, India, Colombia and Venezuela. In 2004, GM Daewoo sold over 900,000 vehicles with exports to more than 140 countries. Imported GM products from the Cadillac and Saab premium brands are sold in Korea through GM AutoWorld retailers.

GM Daewoo Statesman Specifications


3.6-Litre V-6 (A/T)

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Legroom - Front (mm)


Legroom - Rear (mm)


Shoulder room - Front (mm)


Shoulder room - Rear (mm)


Displacement (cc)


Max. Power (ps/rpm)


Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)


Curb Weight (kg)


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