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New Fiat Ducato Arrives In Australia



12th February, 2007

2007 Fiat Ducato

The all-new Fiat Ducato has arrived in Australia, providing a range of commercial vehicles with bigger payloads, vans with larger interior volumes and a range of new engines. The Ducato will continue to have a tough task ahead, as Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen continue to satisfy customers and drivers, alike, with the new Transit, the new Sprinter and the LT. The new Volkswagen Crafter is the next big van to be released in Australia.

“Fiat brought the original Ducato to Australia in 2002 and it was immediately welcomed by a wide range of commercial vehicles users thanks to its versatile, easy to use functionality and keen pricing,” says Chris Swann, General Manager for Fiat Commercial Vehicles in Australia whilst putting a spin on the Ducato story. “As in other markets where it is a dominant player, it also took the motor home market by storm, with six local converters now using the Ducato prominently in their ranges, accounting for 60 per cent of total sales.”

The first generation Ducato was launched in Europe during 1981 and Fiat has now delivered more than 1.7 million Ducatos worldwide.

The New Ducato, designed by the Fiat Style Centre, is distinctive for its shape and volumes.

Inside, the vehicle offers new colours, fabrics and driver's seat, dashboard and door panel designs.

Higher load capacity and reduced running costs

Light commercial vehicle customers have always focused their attention on the practical and the rational: such as load capacity and running costs. The new Ducato endeavours to meet these needs through an increase in size (greater volume) and also in load capacity (GVW and payload): versions are now available with GVWs up to 4.0 tonnes and a payload of up to 2.0 tonnes. Plus vans with effective volumes up to 15 m3 and interior length in excess of 4 metres. Not to mention the fact that the new Ducato is built to ensure that loading and unloading operations can be carried out with greater ease, when compared to the previous Ducato: this is partly due to the reduced load platform ground clearance, which has been cut from the previous figure of 56 centimetres to 53 cm.

The new Fiat light commercial vehicle is claiming reduced running costs: including a significant reduction in fuel consumption (up to 16% less than the current Ducato); an increase in service intervals (45,000 kms for a major service with oil and filer change at 22,500 kms) and a significant reduction in repair costs.


The new model differs from the previous version in offering three Common Rail direct injection 16 valve turbo diesel engines with Multijet injection: 88 kW and 97 kW 2.3 Multijet (the latter is used only for the motor home sector) and a 115.5 kW 3.0 Multijet unit.

They offer greater power, improved flexibility and a higher torque (from 250 to 400 Nm) at lower rpms than previously available.


Safe driving: this, in a nutshell, is the concept followed by designers throughout the development of the new Fiat Ducato. The aim was to ensure maximum practicality and qualities as far as preventive, active and passive safety are concerned. Examples include a body with differential crumple zones, new braking systems with four disc brakes, the adoption of ABS with EBD and driver's airbag throughout the entire range. The Medium Roof vans and the cab chassis have, additionally, a front passenger’s airbag and ASR traction control.

Driving comfort and onboard wellbeing

The new model confirms that the greatest attention has been paid to factors linked with ergonomics and also acoustic, climatic and vibration comfort. Onboard wellbeing is of paramount importance to the user of a commercial vehicle who spends long hours at the wheel, often under demanding conditions. For this reason, the passenger compartment has been designed as a welcoming, well-lit, comfortable and quiet mobile office with a car-type driving position for ideal mental and physical conditions on the road. Plenty of space is also available (drawers, compartments and shelves) for possessions (PC, road maps and mobile phones).


The New Ducato maintains the tried and tested mechanical layout of its predecessors (front wheel drive and transverse engines) and offers a very diverse range including:
- Goods transport versions, people carrying versions and bases for conversions and bodybuilders
- 2 mechanical structures: 15” and 16” wheels and tyres
- Gross Vehicle Weights from 3 to 4 tonnes
- Payloads from 1,500 to 2,000 kgs
- 3 wheelbases, 3 lengths and 2 heights for Van versions
- 3 load compartment volumes from 8 to 15 m3
- 3 engines, each with a six speed gearboxes

Ducato for the Australian Market

Fiat is providing two groups of Ducatos for the Australian market, a range for the general market and a range of ‘to-order-only’ Ducatos specifically for the motor home market.

Van Versions

  • Ducato Low Roof Panel Van Medium 3,000 mm wheelbase, 2.3 88 kW engine, 3,510 GVM
  • Ducato Medium Roof Panel Van Long 3,450 mm wheelbase, 2.3 88 kW engine, 4,000 GVM
  • Ducato Medium Roof Panel Van, Extra Long 4,035 mm wheelbase, 3.0 115.5 kW engine, 4,000 GVM

Cab/Chassis Version

  • Ducato Cab Chassis Medium 3,800 mm wheelbase, 2.3 88 kW engine, 4,000 GVM

Motor Home, ‘to-order-only’ versions

The extensive range of Ducato versions for the motor home sector clearly indicates the strength of Fiat’s plans in this sector. This range of base vehicles will allow motor home converters to expand their range through new vehicle sizes, price ranges and performance benchmarks, as well as offering a host of new design features and inclusions:

  • Ducato LWB Med Roof Van (4,035 mm) (4,000 GVM) 2.3L 88 kW
  • Ducato ELWB Med Roof Van (4,035 mm) (4,000 GVM) 2.3L 88 kW
  • Ducato Med/Long Wheelbase Cab Chassis STD (3,800 mm) (4,000 GVM) 2.3L 97 kW
  • Ducato ELWB Cab Chassis STD (4,035 mm) (4,000 GVM) 3.0L 115.5 kW
  • Ducato ELWB Special Cab Chassis (4,035 mm) (4,000 GVM) 3.0L 115.5 kW
  • Ducato ALKO back to back Cab Cassis (4,250 GVM) 3.0L 115.5 kW
  • Ducato MWB Special Cab Chassis (3,450 mm) (3,510 GVM) 2.3L 97 kW
  • Ducato Med/Long Special Cab Chassis (3,800 mm) (4,000 GVM) 3.0L 115.5 kW

As with the previous Fiat Ducato range, the standard equipment list is extensive.

All versions of the Fiat Ducato are equipped with such essential safety and security items as driver’s airbag, ABS anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), twin mirror electrically adjustable door mirrors and remote control central locking, with a front passenger airbag and ASR traction control standard on the medium vans and the cab chassis. Comfort is provided with folding armrests for the driver and front passenger, power windows, cloth upholstery, digital audio system with CD player and controls on the steering wheel and windows in the rear doors with demisting elements.

The new Fiat Ducato opens its Australian market pricing with the Ducato Low roof medium wheelbase van with a recommended retail price of $39,450 (RRP). The long wheelbase medium roof van is $44,990 (RRP), while fitted with the 3.0 litre engine and with the extra long wheelbase, the medium roof van is $49,990 (RRP). The Ducato cab chassis is $42,990 (RRP).

The Next Car team has road tested both the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen LT 35. The Sprinter road test will be published soon, whilst our LT 35 road tests can be viewed here and here. Our experience with both these big vans provides a firm understanding why Fiat is in the realm of small time players with its big vans.

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