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Holden grabs government gift (copyright image)

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29th May, 2011

Holden has grabbed another gift from the Federal Government. This time it's a grant of $39.8 million from the Green Car Innovation Fund intended to bring fuel-saving innovations to future Commodore models.

Although many companies take pride in funding their own R&D, General Motors has developed a mentality over recent years of grabbing as much 'corporate dole' as it possibly can.

The innovations for the future, including aluminium body panels to reduce vehicle weight and improved aerodynamic performance, are designed to help reduce fuel consumption by more than 7 per cent. This reduction in fuel consumption would save around 3.6 million litres of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions from the Commodore fleet by around 9,000 tonnes a year.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux said “The assistance from the Federal Government will enable Holden to bring Australian-made firsts in fuel-efficiency and weight saving to market and to secure local jobs in the broader automotive industry.”

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“Holden is also continuing to develop other low emission and alternative fuel solutions in our Ecoline portfolio including a dedicated LPG Commodore and E85 flex-fuel capability on the 3.6 litre SIDI V6 engine later this year.”

This is the second grant Holden has received through the Green Car Innovation Fund. Holden also received $149 million over three years to bring the Cruze into local production.

“The assistance through the Green Car Innovation Fund for these two important locally-made vehicles has been critical to the success of Holden and the Australian industry through a very challenging economic period,” Mr Devereux said. Curiously he didn't mention that other manufacturers are making gains with fuel efficiency without the requirement of government funding. Additionally, Mr Devereux didn't mention that the new car industry is highly successful, having sold over a million new vehicles in Australia last year and well over 70 million new vehicles globally during 2010. Further, there appears to be little doubt than the world's car makers will make over 75 million vehicles in 2011.


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