GM Holden Safety Recall On Specific RA Rodeo Variants

Holden Rodeo LX Space Cab Utility - RA series

26th June, 2005

GM Holden has issued a safety recall on specific RA Rodeo light truck variants, model years 2003 to 2005, purchased with petrol engines and original equipment fitted tubs. The recall will involve about 22,000 vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. It does not involve cab chassis models or diesel engines.

The recall has been issued following reports to GM Holden that owners filling their vehicles had experienced a brief event known as fuel flash, caused by a mixture of air and fuel vapor coming into contact with static electricity built up during the filling process. This event occurs outside the fuel filler with minimal further risk to the vehicle. Nineteen incidents involving RA Rodeo have been reported with minor burns in some cases.

GM Holden Executive Director Engineering, Tony Hyde, said on Friday the issue occurred because the fuel filler nozzle may be pushed towards the vehicle body during the filling process, where the hose clamp connecting the pipe into the tank discharges static electricity. Mr Hyde said GM Holden and Isuzu had identified a root cause and instructed its dealerships on a rework which earthed the clamp through the vehicle body, eliminating any charge buildup at the clamp. As a related matter, vehicles modified after sale by removing the original equipment tub will have their fuel filler replaced in case the original fuel filler design had been compromised.

GM Holden and Isuzu have been investigating the issue since late last year after receiving two incident reports in eight months. The problem was identified on Rodeos on which the tubs had been removed and aftermarket trays installed, potentially adjusting or exposing the fuel filler pipe. Further investigations identified an issue on petrol Rodeos with tubs which had not been modified.

Mr Hyde said Rodeos with diesel engines were not impacted because diesel was not combustible at normal temperatures, and cab chassis Rodeos were not impacted because they had a different fuel filler system.

He said that affected Rodeo owners should take precaution and fill their vehicles slowly to reduce the risk of fuel vapor release because static electricity was built according to the rate of fuel flow. They should also avoid moving the fuel filler in any way.

“The risk of fuel flash is statistically extremely small and requires a very specific set of circumstances including the speed of fuel fill, weather conditions and static buildup. Holden Rodeos have been filled literally hundreds of thousands of times without incident,” Mr Hyde said.

“However, any risk is unacceptable when it comes to customer safety and we are now in a position to issue an appropriate recall and rework vehicles.

“Holden will approach all owners of RA Rodeo vehicles, purchased with petrol engines and rear tubs, to contact their dealer for rework. Recall advertisements will appear in all major newspapers from tomorrow, Saturday 25th June.”

Any RA Rodeo owner with concerns about the recall should call Holden Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 632 826 or the service department of any Holden dealership.

Holden Rodeo LT Space Cab Utility - RA series

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