Hummerís Global Success Story Continues

4th October, 2006


Hummer H3

  • Trademark Hummer style and off-road capability
  • Vortec 3.5L in-line five-cylinder with 162 kW at 5,600 rpm and 305 Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm
  • Choice of manual or automatic transmission
  • Electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system
  • Uncompromised off-road capabilities along with refinement, comfort and convenience
  • Bold, iconic Hummer exterior design
  • Inviting, modern interior, blending premium cues with world-class craftsmanship

The latest chapter in the Hummer story, the Hummer H3, delivers authentic Hummer style and off-road capability in an accessible, mid-size package.

ďThe H3 is an extraordinary new presence in the world of mid-size SUVs,Ē said Martin Walsh, Hummer general manager. ďHummer has developed a passionate following because of its unmatched style and capability and the H3 extends that appeal by making the brand accessible to a broader range of potential owners.Ē

H3 packs uncompromising Hummer style and capability into its mid-size dimensions. Compared to the H2, the H3 is 429 mm shorter in length, 152 mm shorter in height and 165 mm narrower. Roughly the same length as a family sedan, H3 can navigate city traffic and also deliver Hummerís trademark crawling and climbing capability.

Powered by the Vortec 3.5L engine with dual overhead cams and variable valve timing, the H3 reaches a peak fuel economy of up to 11.8 l/100km. Specifically designed for this type of vehicle, the Vortec 3.5L inline five-cylinder offers an excellent combination of power and efficiency. It delivers 162 kW at 5,600 rpm and 305 Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm.

H3 is the first Hummer to offer the choice of a manual or an automatic transmission - either a standard, smooth-shifting five-speed manual transmission or a Hydra-Matic 4L60 electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission.

More compact, yet capable and comfortable

The H3 is engineered for off-road leadership among mid-size SUVs. The heart of the SUVís capability is its electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system. The system is augmented with features such as traction control, underbody shielding, an optional rear locking differential and StabiliTrak stability control with the automatic transmission.

The H3 can ford 406 mm of water at 32 km/h or 610-mm streams at a 8 km/h pace, 406-mm vertical steps and rocks, make its way through deep sand and race over sandy surfaces.

H3ís manoeuverable size provides advantages, such as a 11.3 metre turning circle, about the same as a typical compact car, making easy work of parking lot manoeuvers and tight turns when off-roading. The 231 mm ground clearance and maximum breakover angle of 25 degrees make it possible to clear large obstacles in off-road driving. Serious off-road performance is also aided by the maximum approach angle of 40 degrees and maximum departure angle of 37 degrees. These approach and departure angles permit the H3 to drive right into a hole and out again, without getting hung up in front or rear.

In addition to its uncompromised off-road capabilities, the H3 also provides the refinement, comfort and convenience required for enjoyable driving. It offers premium options such as heated leather seats, a large electric sliding sunroof, a DVD-based navigation radio and numerous customised accessories.

H3ís bold looks make it readily identifiable as a Hummer. Itís a matter of form following function. Features such as its wide track width, short overhangs and huge tyres provide stability, outstanding ground clearance and quick rock-climbing capability in off-road driving.

The H3ís flat, chiseled surfaces, upright windshield and windows, signature seven-slot louvered grille, round headlamps housed inside square openings, and pronounced guard flares are all pure Hummer. Power and strength emanate from its cube-like form.

The H3ís interior is inviting and modern, blending premium cues with world-class craftsmanship. Upscale touches include a perforated, leather-wrapped and stitched steering wheel and automatic transmission shift handle; bright-accented instrumentation; brushed, machine-finished trim plates; chrome door release handles; chrome bezel for the automatic transmission shifter; and a chrome H3 emblem in the centre of the steering wheel.

Plenty of safety features

Hummer owners value the inherent strength and feeling of security their trucks exude. The H3 fulfills that promise with available features such as 'StabiliTrak' electronic stability control (standard with automatic transmission), roof rail-mounted side curtain air bags, rollover protection system and stout vehicle structure projected to earn top safety ratings for both the driver and passenger in front and side impacts.

The H3 incorporates structural enhancements designed to help in crash protection, as well as a number of advanced safety systems to assist in both crash avoidance and protection, including a reinforced passenger compartment safety cage that helps provide protection in the event of side and frontal impacts. The strong, rigid steel structure surrounds the passenger compartment, runs from the A-pillars to the roof rail, back to the D-pillars and includes the bottom rocker panels, underfloor longitudinals and frame. The all-steel body panels and exceptionally strong frame further help protect occupants in a collision. The fully welded, ladder-type frame optimises crash performance, in addition to standing up to rigorous off-road requirements.

Hummer H3

Additional crash protection is provided by a standard frontal dual-stage air bag system. The H3 features the Passenger Sensing System, which uses weight-sensing technology to turn the front passenger air bag on or off as appropriate. If the sensor system detects an unoccupied front passenger seat or the presence of a smaller occupant, the front passenger air bag is designed to automatically turn off so it would not deploy in the event of a frontal collision. Even with this system, GM strongly recommends restraining child passengers 12 and under in an appropriate child seat or, for older children, lap-and-shoulder belts in the second or third row of the vehicle.

Optional roof rail-mounted, side curtain air bags drop down to the belt line to help provide head and rollover protection for the driver and front passenger. A rollover protection sensing system also helps protect occupants against impending rollovers by triggering side curtain air bags to increase the likelihood of occupant containment in a rollover event. Seat belt pretensioners help keep occupants in the proper position, reducing their likelihood of making contact with the inside of the vehicle.

Global availability

Nearly doubling sales in 2005 vs. 2004, Hummerís global success story continued in the first half of 2006. Global sales for the fastest growing brand, in this vehicle segment, has increased by nearly 20,000 vehicles in the first six months of 2006 compared to the first half of 2005.

While much of this growth was paced by the H3 in the United States, Hummer also saw significant expansion in more countries around the globe.

Production of the H3 began in 2005 at GMís Shreveport, Louisiana, (USA) plant. Starting in October 2006, the Hummer H3 will be assembled at the General Motors plant in Struandale, South Africa. The additional volume is scheduled for markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. A right-hand drive version of the H3 will be added to the South Africa production in early 2007. An optional diesel engine will be available at a later stage.

ďThe Hummer H3 continues to have a significant impact on the awareness and sales performance of the brand globally," said Martin Walsh, Hummer general manager.

ďWith the assembly of Hummer H3 in South Africa we take the next important step to grow the Hummer brand around the world.Ē

Australian specifications and availability will be announced in due course.

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