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Kia helps Healthy Harold reach regional NSW (copyright image)

"Healthy Harold" with the Kia Sorentos

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25th May, 2010

A national education programme will be able to expand its offering in regional NSW with the support of Kia Motors Australia.

Life Education is a not for profit organisation which has been presenting programmes to children for over 30 years. In NSW alone, over 300,000 children benefit from the nine different programmes each year which are delivered through 40 large mobile learning centres, essentially a mobile classroom on the back of a truck.

Until now those mobile classrooms and therefore the programmes, have been limited to schools which are relatively easy to access, discounting a large portion of schools in regional NSW.

Kia Motors Australia has donated the services of two Sorento Si 4WD vehicles to help take Life Education into the bush and transport its mascot - Healthy Harold - into the far reaches of the state in his own "Harold Express".

The new Kia Sorento comes standard with a long list of active and passive safety features including front and side curtain airbags, electronic stability with traction control, ABS and downhill brake control.

They also offer exceptional fuel economy with one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful turbo diesel engines in the world under the bonnet.

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While cruising for long hours on the open road the Life Education drivers and passengers can beat the harsh outback elements courtesy of a fully automatic dual zone climate control air-conditioning system. The Sorento Si also comes with an iPod and MP3 compatible six speaker surround sound audio system and seven-seat capacity.

Chief Executive of Life Education Australia, Jay Bacik says the children and Life Education will benefit greatly from Kia Australia's generosity.

"There are several schools throughout regional NSW which our large mobile learning centres just cannot reach," he said. "The use of these two vehicles will not only allow us to access previously unreachable schools, but will save wear and tear and excess kilometres being placed on our educator's personal vehicles as well as our company fleet."

"Our Life Education programmes cater for all ages of children from pre-school through primary to high school. The key focus is on drug and health education with the aim of empowering young Australians to make safe choices and adding these two Harold Express vehicles to the fleet, will allow us to touch the lives of tens of thousands of additional children each year."


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