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Kia sales soar in eight countries during April

Kia Soul (copyright image)

Kia's newly released Soul

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14th May, 2009

  • cee'd leading new car sales increase in Western Europe
  • Kia outperforms the overall European market and continues to raise market share

Outperforming the overall market, Kia's new car sales in Western Europe achieved significant increases in April, seeing major improvements in eight countries. Sales rose by 91% (Slovakia), 51% (Austria), 42% (Germany), 32% (Poland and Czech Republic), 18% (Sweden), 14% (France) and 5% in Portugal. Total sales in April were 20,500 units, raising Kia's market share in the region once again.

The best-selling Kia models included the cee'd line-up (hatch, wagon and coupe), followed by the Picanto (known as 'Morning' in some markets) and the Rio (known as 'Pride' in some markets). In addition, the exciting new Kia Soul urban crossover is attracting thousands of new customers to the Kia brand and into Kia dealer showrooms for the very first time.

"The Kia model line-up is proving extremely competitive in the current economic climate as buyers focus more than ever on good value, reliability, service and peace of mind guaranteed by a generous warranty," commented Mr. Panu Vainamo, General Manager Marketing, Kia Motors Europe.

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He continued, "It's not just the striking new Soul which is demonstrating Kia's 'Power to Surprise.' Customers are discovering that modern Kia products now have 'stand-out' design qualities and cars like the European-made Kia cee'd and Sportage, along with the Picanto and Rio, match the very best in class."

Soul sales in Europe this year have now passed the 6,500 mark and are running at a level 13% higher than Kia predicted. Marketing of the Kia Soul is now underway in USA and Australia. Media reception for the newcomer has been very positive on both continents and more than 3,200 customers picked up their new Soul in the USA last month alone.

The Kia Soul five-door hatchback is already a multi-award winner. In Europe, Soul was the first Korean car ever to receive the prestigious recognition of a design award from the world-renowned RedDot product design competition. The Texas Auto Writers' Association named Soul as a 'Best Value' car, while the USA's Ward's AutoWorld voted Soul as having the 'Grooviest Interior'. In the UK, Fast Car magazine also named Soul the 'Best New Model for 2009.'

Kia sales in Western Europe
(top 5 models)



1. cee'd



2. Picanto



3. Rio



4. Sportage



5. Soul




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