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Lotus Elise 111R

Australia Chosen For The World Debut!

2004 Lotus Elise 111R
2004 Lotus Elise 111R

30th January 2004

For the first time, a new Lotus model is making its world debut in Australia.

The first shipment of Elise 111R cars arrived in January 2004, even before the UK dealers received their first stocks.

This remarkable result is indicative of the support Lotus Cars Australia is receiving from the Lotus factory in the UK, making it possible for Australians to buy this new model as it is launched!

The Elise 111R replaces the current Elise 111S in Australia, even though this model continues in other markets and can be specially ordered if required.

Pricing of the two models would however be similar and as outlined below, the Elise 111R offers considerably more in terms of performance and specification.

In short, the Elise 111R is 22% more powerful than the Elise 111S, and it is fitted with a track tuned ABS system for the first time on an Elise. It is available in two variants.

Detailed differences over the current 1.8 litre Elise 111S are as follows:

    141 kW (189 bhp) Toyota VVTL - i engine, versus 116 kW Rover VVC (156 bhp)
    6-speed manual gearbox, versus 5-speed manual gearbox
    0 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds versus 5.3 seconds
    0 160 km/h in 13.0 seconds versus 14.0 seconds
    Top speed 240 km/h versus 210 km/h
    Track tuned ABS braking system now standard
    Modified front access panel and grille
    Central twin exhaust pipes and a revised 3-element rear diffuser

Features carried over from the Elise 111S include:

    Blaupunkt Lausanne - Radio, CD-R/W compatible
    Central locking
    8-spoke wheels
    Perforated leather steering wheel with glove center
    Immobiliser and remote alarm

In summary, it is a significantly more powerful car, with ABS as standard for a recommended retail price of $94,990!

This is $5000 less than the price of the Elise 111S!

It does however lose a few features, that were standard on the Elise 111S. These are:

    Driving lights, which are now optional
    Half leather interior trim pack, in place of full leather or Alcantara
    Carpet mats with footrest, instead of full carpet, which is optional
    Electric windows, now optional
    No noise insulation kit

For those who want a higher level of specification, there is also a Touring Pack option for this model, comprising of the following items:

    Noise Insulation Pack, with thermal and noise insulated roof
    Auxiliary driving lights
    Full carpet
    Leather or Alcantara interior; seats and door trims
    Electric window operation
    Stowage net
    Upgraded Blaupunkt Woodstock radio CD

All these items are offered at a special Touring Pack Price of $5000.

This means that with the Touring Pack, the Elise 111R is priced at $99 990, the same price as the outgoing Elise 111S.

Lotus Exige

Like with the Elise 111R, Australia is also the first market in the world to receive the exciting new Lotus Exige. Production starts in February and the first shipment is expected to arrive by the end of March 2004. Full details will be released shortly, but Lotus dealers are currently taking orders for this new flagship model. The standard Exige is priced at $99,990. There are two Option Packs available, Touring or Performance, either of which is priced at $7000.

Lotus Elise S

Whereas the new Elise 111R is the new flagship of the Elise range, the much admired Elise S and Elise models continue. The new Elise S, announced at $84,990 in September, has been well received in the market. The Elise S is an important ongoing model and to make it even more attractive, revised ex-factory pricing and the improving strength of the Australian Dollar versus the Pound, has allowed for the price of the Elise S to be reduced by $5000, to $79,990.

Lotus Sport 111

The Sport 111 might be described as an open top version of the Exige. In that sense, it has particular appeal for those who wish to use their car in some forms of motorsport. Whilst it is not quite as fast in a straight line as either the Elise 111R or the Exige, it does have the advantage of the adjustable sports suspension being standard and the super sticky special compound Yokohama LTS AO48 tyres make for spectacular cornering and braking grip. The Sport 111 remains available in the Lotus range, priced at $99,990.

Model line-up for 2004

Lotus Elise $  74,990
Lotus Elise S $  79,990
Lotus Elise 111R $  94,990
Lotus Elise 111R with Touring Pack $  99,990
Lotus Sport 111 $  99,990
Lotus Exige $  99,990
Lotus Exige with Touring or Performance Pack $106,990

3rd February, 2004

Late news: $5,000 slashed from the price of the Lotus Elise. The new finely honed price is just $69,990 for the entry level Lotus Elise.

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