A Remarkable Year of Recognition
for the Maserati Range

2004 Maserati Quattroporte
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the 2004 Maserati Quattroporte

30th December, 2004

The year 2004 has been special for Maserati, not only in terms of sales but also thanks to a plethora of awards by leading international car magazines.

The Quattroporte, in particular, won a whopping 14 awards in 2004. The MC12 also fared extremely well. Here is a summary of all this year’s precious recognition.

Maserati MC12

- The MC12 was named ‘Best Dream Car’ in the 2004 BBC Top Gear Awards. The prestigious English magazine road and track-tests over 300 new models of all makes each year.

Maserati Quattroporte

New Zealand’s premiere motoring magazine, Autocar, voted the Maserati Quattroporte as the “Best Luxury Car” in their annual Car of The Year contest.

- The authoritative American lifestyle magazine, Robb Report, voted the Maserati Quattroporte the ‘Best of the Best’ in the luxury executive sedan category for its sportiness, elegance and exclusivity. This was the 16th outing for these awards, which were published in May 2004.

- The Quattroporte was also voted ‘Best Luxury Car in Show’ at the British International Motor Show in May 2004. The award was judged by a panel of 35 expert car designers and engineers from the prestigious IVEHE (Institute of Vehicle Engineers). The Quattroporte won on the strength of its stunning lines and sophisticated interior.

- The English car magazine, Top Gear, also named it the ‘Best Limousine’ in its 2004 BBC Top Gear Awards.

- Staying with the UK, Wallpaper magazine voted the Quattroporte ‘Best Car’ in the Wallpaper Design Awards. The car was evaluated by a panel made up of internationally renowned designers, architects and fashion experts.

They chose the Maserati flagship for the elegance of its interior and the guarantee of exclusivity that only a car of this kind can offer. The awards are published in the January 2005 edition of the English magazine.

- In Japan, the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Association (JAHFA) named the sedan as ‘Import Car of the Year 2004’. The Association voted for the Quattroporte because of the sense of timeless style it exudes, courtesy of a seamless blend of tradition, innovation and sophisticated handcrafting.

- The readers of Germany’s best known and most authoritative car magazine, Auto Motor und Sport, named the Quattroporte as ‘Best Car 2004’ in the Luxury Imported Sedan category in February 2004.

- The North Rhine Westphalia Centre of Design in Germany presented the Quattroporte with its ‘Red Dot Design Award’ on 31st March 2004.

This is one of the oldest and most sought-after awards in the highly competitive world of design.

- The readers of well-known German car magazine, Auto Zeitung, awarded the car the ‘Auto Trophy’ in October. The car received the most votes in the Luxury Imported Sedan category.

- Automobile Magazine, a leading French publication, named the Quattroporte ‘Best Car 2004’ in the Luxury Sedan category, on the strength of the largest European market survey of the automobile market which is carried out annually in 18 different countries.

- Italian monthly Quattroruote also voted the Quattroporte ‘Best Flagship’.

- Last but certainly not the least, ANVER gave the big saloon its ‘ecoTOP 2004’ award on 18th November. The National Paintwork Association represents Italy’s leading paintwork and surface treatment companies and experts.

The Quattroporte received its award in this case thanks to its innovative pre-treatment and paint cycle which is the only one of its kind in Europe.

2004 Maserati MC12

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