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Maserati at the Sydney Motor Show

16th October, 2006


Maserati GranSport MC Victory

Maserati will launch the Maserati GranSport MC Victory Coupe at the Sydney Motor Show (27th October, 2006).

The new GranSport MC Victory is equipped with a range of features that link it to the Maserati MC-12.

The Maserati GranSport MC Victory is limited to a total production run of 180 cars, with just five tagged for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

Externally, the Maserati GranSport MC Victory is recognisable thanks to its aerodynamic, blue carbon front and rear spoilers and the Italian flag embedded in the side panels, another feature taken from the MC12.

Aerodynamic efficiency increased

The Maserati GranSport MC Victory is more than just an equipment package. It benefits from technology and designs developed for the Maserati MC12 racing and road cars.

The front splitter of the Maserati GranSport MC Victory has been redesigned to guarantee more negative lift at high speeds with the addition of the two lateral aerodynamic profiles and a larger splitter.

The Maserati GranSport MC Victory is even more responsive to steering inputs thanks to more direct and precise steering rack as well as greater stability at high speeds, characteristics lifted directly from lessons learnt with the Maserati MC12.

Unique Blue Carbon fibre, leather and Alcantara interior trim

Where the Maserati GranSport MC Victory differs from the MC12 racing car is inside. The GranSport is no stripped, austere racing machine. The carbon trim elements, similar to the exteriors, are made of blue carbon fibre. This is coupled with a selection of leathers and Alcantara trim, used on the upper dashboard, the door panels, in the central part of the racing carbon seats to emphasise the sporty look and on the steering wheel for grip.

“The Maserati victory in the GT Championship was a spectacular return to form for a company whose name is elemental in the history of motorsport,” says Edward Butler, General Manager for Maserati in Australia and New Zealand. “The Maserati GranSport MC Victory celebrates this success as only Maserati can, by making key elements of the motorsport car available for road use. The five people in Australia and New Zealand who own these rare cars will not only be lucky to be able to drive such a fine performance car, they will also, indeed, own a piece of history!”

Prices for the Maserati GranSport MC Victory will be announced on 26th October 2006.


The Maserati GranSport Spyder, which was launched earlier this year, is an open-top version of the GranSport Coupe, the car that has provided the Maserati Coupe with an new temperament with improved performance, looks and a sharper, more responsive edge.

The GranSport Spyder loses nothing with its conversion to soft top motoring, from its 4.2 litre V8 boosted for its application in the GranSport to 294 kW and its emotive howl that can be enhanced at the press of a button, to reworked suspension, wheels and tyres.

As with the GranSport Coupe, there are also visual changes. A pronounced spoiler hugs the bottom of the front bumper and on the sides under-door skirting harmonises the look of the car. This is completed by the 19" wheels inspired by the race cars that compete in the Trofeo Maserati.

The interior is a blend of carbon, leather and BrighTex® fabric and endow the cabin with the look and feel of a racing car.


Completing the Maserati display at the 2006 Sydney Motor Show will be the Quattroporte, the Italian marque’s luxury saloon.

At last year’s Sydney Motor Show, Maserati previewed the GT variants of the Quattroporte, which joined its Australian range earlier this year.

The Maserati Quattroporte blends comfort with the performance expected of a car carrying the legendary Maserati Trident and provided by a quadcam 4.2 litre V8 engine boasting 294 kW.

Exemplary handling and roadholding is delivered by a drivetrain and chassis that includes a rear transaxle that means ideal weight distribution and an all-independent suspension with the ‘Skyhook’ continuously variable suspension control and Maserati Stability Programme (MSP). Thus, the Maserati Quattroporte can whisk its occupants in comfort to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

One figure reveals the bizzare selection process offered by the Quattroporte; Four Million. That is the number of different combinations of trim, paint and interior finishes it is possible to have in the Quattroporte.

For example, the owner of a Quattroporte can define different finishes for the seats, the piping on the seats, the carpet, the wood trim on the dashboard, the roof lining, the two different sections of the dashboard, the door trims and the centre console. There are 11 different leathers and four different wood finishes, including mahogany, rosewood and briarwood. And, if that is not sufficient, then Maserati can produce a Quattroporte in any colour or finish required by a customer.

Of course the Maserati Quattroporte is fully equipped. For example it does not just have an AirCon system, the Quattroporte has a ventilation system that allows individual temperature setting left and right in both the front and rear areas of the passenger compartment.

The Quattroporte has a Bose Hi-End concert hall sound system that has been designed specifically for the acoustic qualities of the Maserati Quattroporte, with the exquisite sound quality delivered by neodyminium speakers.

With this unique specification and its unmistakable style, the Maserati Quattroporte has provided the celebrated Italian car maker with one of its most successful models in its history.

So how is it possible for these two new versions of the Quattroporte to improve on this exquisite luxury performance sedan?

By focusing more sharply on the two primary aspects of the Quattroporte’s soul, with the new Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT enhancing the luxury features of the Quattroporte, while the Sport GT variant provides a new, sharper performance persona.


This Quattroporte Executive GT epitomises the Italian saloon at its most exclusive, raising the elegance of the car’s design and the sophistication of its interior to a whole new level.

The Executive GT is instantly recognisable thanks to its chrome front and side grilles and 19” wheels. Almost obsessive attention has been lavished on both the comfort of the interior and the exclusive finish.

This version also includes the Comfort Pack with combined heating, ventilation and massage for rear passengers as well as electric adjustment of both seats and backrests as well as retractable wood rear tables matched to the rest of the interior and curtains for extra privacy and comfort. The cabin also boasts Alcantara roof lining, a leather-trimmed steering wheel with wood inserts and a climate control panel for the rear seat passengers.

The Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT has a recommended retail price of $286,000.


The Sport GT version of the Quattroporte was manufactured to further enhance the high performance spirit and sporty character that set the Quattroporte apart from any other executive saloon.

2006 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT

This has been achieved through certain small yet significant aesthetic touches. The black chrome of the grille and the side air intakes, for instance, take their inspiration from Maserati’s traditional racing styling cues while the bonnet bears the pierced Trident typical of the Maserati competition cars of the past.

From an engineering point of view, the gearbox has been given the most radical overhaul; the Sport button allows the driver to significantly cut gear changing times which are now 35 per cent faster on average, thanks to a development in the electro-hydraulic transmission system’s CPU.

At high engine speeds, the Quattroporte Sport GT’s exhaust system also gives a much deeper rumble to the already sporty sound of the Maserati V8.

The 20” wheels and specific Skyhook adaptive damping software mean a clear improvement in dynamic handling when used in more press-on situations.

The wheels, which include the tyre pressure monitoring system, are combined with brakes featuring metal weave tubing, cross-drilled discs and titanium-coloured callipers. The car’s sporty character is enhanced too by the carbon fibre trimmed steering wheel, sporty hand-brake grip and lightweight aluminium pedals.

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