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Maserati Quattroporte Automatic Arrives in March



23rd January, 2007

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati will launch the Quattroporte Automatic at the Melbourne Motor Show on 2nd March, 2007. This new model is set to become the dominant model in Maserati’s Australian line-up and may even increase sales of the Italian marque as it continues to battle Audi, Bentley, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce at the top end of the marketplace.

“While the DuoSelect gearbox has proven an ideal match for Maserati’s performance reputation in the Quattroporte, there has been, nevertheless, a demand for a full automatic option,” explains Mr Butler in recognition of the somewhat obvious advantage the highly esteemed competitors have over the Italian brand. “This will arrive at the Melbourne Motor Show and, given the Australian and New Zealand market’s penchant for full automatic gearboxes, we expect the Quattroporte automatic to transform our total sales, bringing new owners to Maserati for whom a conventional automatic gearbox is an essential element of their requirements.”

The Maserati Quattroporte Automatic is more than the simple addition of a new gearbox. Fitted with the DuoSelect gearbox, the Quattroporte uses a Transaxle layout for optimal weight distribution, with the gearbox attached to the rear axle. Conventional automatic gearboxes are not designed for this layout, so the Quattroporte’s floorpan and interior have been redesigned to accommodate the new gearbox and the rear suspension, with its innovative ‘Skyhook’ system, has been changed to reflect the absence of the transaxle.

The Maserati quadcam 4.2 litre V8 engine boasting 294 kW has been converted to wet sump operation for its new role attached to the automatic gearbox.

At the same time Maserati has worked to ensure that the weight distribution, which is an important factor in the sports car-like agility and response of the Quattroporte, is as little affected as possible. To this end the weight distribution of 49 per cent/51 per cent, remains ideal for a high performance car.

The new gearbox is a new hydraulic 6-speed transmission, a result of the collaboration between Maserati and ZF, is entirely new and has been designed to guarantee fluid gear changes and exceptional driving comfort. The new lay-out of the transmission system emphasises the power delivery of the Maserati V8 engine particularly at low engine speed without limiting its power.

Maserati has also taken this opportunity to revise noise suppression and make subtle changes to the interior of the Quattroporte to further lift its outstanding blend of performance, luxury and comfort.

Given its importance to the Australian market, the Quattroporte Automatic will arrive in Australia in three variants, matching the existing range, the Maserati Quattroporte automatic, the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT automatic and the Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT automatic.

This Quattroporte Executive GT epitomises the great Italian flagship saloon at its most exclusive, raising the elegance of the car’s design and the sophistication of its interior to a whole new level.

The Executive GT is instantly recognisable thanks to its chrome front and side grilles and 19” wheels. Almost obsessive attention has been lavished on both the comfort of the interior and the exclusive finish.

This version also includes the Comfort Pack with combined heating, ventilation and massage for rear passengers as well as electric adjustment of both seats and backrests as well as retractable wood rear tables matched to the rest of the interior and curtains for extra privacy and comfort. The cabin also boasts Alcantara roof lining, a leather-trimmed steering wheel with wood inserts and a climate control panel for the rear seat passengers.

The Sport GT version of the Quattroporte was developed to further enhance the high performance spirit and sporty character that set the Quattroporte apart from any other executive saloon.

This has been achieved through certain small yet significant aesthetic touches. The black chrome of the grille and the side air intakes, for instance, take their inspiration from Maserati’s traditional racing styling cues while the bonnet bears the pierced Trident typical of the Maserati competition cars of the past.

From an engineering point of view, in the DuoSelect version of the Quattroporte Sport, the gearbox has been given the most radical overhaul; the Sport button allows the driver to cut gear changing times which are now 35 per cent faster on average, thanks to a development in the electro-hydraulic transmission system’s CPU.

At high engine speeds, the Quattroporte Sport GT’s exhaust system also gives a much deeper rumble to the sporty sound of the Maserati V8.

The 20” wheels and Skyhook adaptive damping software mean a clear improvement in dynamic handling when used in more press-on situations.

The wheels, which include the tyre pressure monitoring system, are combined with brakes featuring metal weave tubing, cross-drilled discs and titanium-coloured callipers. The car’s character is enhanced too by the carbon fibre trimmed steering wheel, sporty hand-brake grip and lightweight aluminium pedals.

Full specifications and prices for the new versions will be announced at the Melbourne Motor Show.

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