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2006 Mazda 6 Limited (petrol)
2006 Mazda 6 Limited (petrol)

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16th October, 2005

Mazda announced at the Australian International Motor Show, in Sydney, that they plan to launch a diesel Mazda 6 next year.

Consuming on average just 6.0L/100km government fuel economy figures show that the Mazda 6 diesel uses 46 per cent less fuel per 100 kilometres than the most fuel efficient version of Australia’s top-selling passenger car, the Holden Commodore.

To go on sale in the second half of next year, the Mazda 6 diesel can travel more than 1050km on a single tank.

On the highway, consumption falls to just 5.1L/100km giving the car a cruising range of more than 1250km.

Combining with a six-speed manual transmission, the Mazda 6’s engine features the latest diesel technology, backing up its impressive fuel economy with strong performance and clean exhaust emissions.

Mazda 6 diesel’s 2.0-litre engine develops 105 kilowatts of power and an imposing 360Nm of torque at just 2,000rpm.

The Mazda 6 diesel is expected to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 9.5 seconds.

Mazda Australia managing director, Doug Dickson, said: "The Mazda 6 petrol range has enjoyed great sales success and the addition of a state-of-the-art diesel model will ensure that it remains the country’s favourite medium segment import.

”Fuel economy has become a hot topic of late and we expect it to remain an important consideration for car buyers long term.

”Offering the spacious, fun to drive Mazda 6 with a fuel economy rating of just 6.0L/100km will give buyers an opportunity to purchase a stylish, five-seat, safe and fun-to-drive family car without performance compromise or fuel bill worries“.

The car’s MZR-CD 2.0-litre common-rail turbo diesel engine uses various technologies to ensure that it comfortably meets Euro Stage IV emission standards.

Utilising a state-of-the-art ceramic filter system to capture particulate matter, the Mazda 6’s diesel engine virtually eliminates diesel smoke.

Once the filter has captured a pre-determined amount of particulate matter exhaust gas temperatures are raised to burn it off and regenerate the filter. As a result, Mazda 6 diesel produces 80 per cent fewer particulate matter emissions than Euro Stage IV standards permit.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions have been reduced by lowering combustion temperatures. This is achieved, in part, by using a lower compression ratio that allows a lower pilot premix combustion temperature.

To optimise and better control the air/fuel mixture, the engine has a high-response intake shutter valve and a valve to control exhaust-gas recirculation cooler rates, both located on the intake side. There is also an oxygen sensor that monitors residual oxygen in the exhaust gases, which contributes to reducing NOx emissions.

It also features a variable-geometry turbocharger that has a lower inertia moment and features a short distance between the exhaust gas inlet and the centre of the turbine shaft.

The variable-geometry turbocharger is combined with the engine’s high pressure common-rail fuel injection system, with optimised injection volume and multi-stage injection of up to nine times per cycle, and a relatively low compression ratio of 16.7, all of which improve output and torque, repress combustion noise and reduce emissions.

Mazda Australia has yet to decide final specification and body style for the Mazda 6 diesel – it can choose between a sedan, hatch or wagon – and will use the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney to generate valuable consumer feedback.

However, like all Mazda 6 models, a diesel variant would come with six airbags and ABS anti-lock brakes as standard as well as a long list of standard features.

It would also maintain the car’s class-leading ride, handling, steering and braking.

The Mazda 6 MZR-CD engine requires the new 50ppm sulphur content diesel fuel that becomes available from January 2006.

Mazda will test the compatibility of the new low sulphur diesel with its MZR-CD engine and conduct normal durability testing.

Mazda6 Diesel Engines   MZR-CD 2.0-litre Turbo Diesel
Engine Type   In-line 4-cyl. turbocharged
Displacement cm3 1998
Bore x stroke mm 86.0 x 86.0
Valves   16
Camshaft   SOHC
Emission Control System   diesel particulate filter
Max. Power* -kW 105 at 3500 rpm
Max. torque* -Nm 360 at 2000 rpm
Fuel type   diesel
Front Suspension   Independent
    double wishbone
Rear Suspension   Multi-link E-type
Performance*   6-speed MT
Top Speed Km/h 203
Combined** l/100km 6
CO2 Emissions g/km 165
Emission Rating   Euro Stage IV Euro Stage IV

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