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Mercedes-Benz i-Pod

24th July, 2005

  • 75 hours of entertainment: Mercedes-Benz offers intelligent iPod® integration
  • Store up to 15,000 songs in the glove compartment
  • Easy to use via the multifunction steering wheel
  • Mixed Tape: free music download from Mercedes-Benz website

Mercedes-Benz is taking automobile entertainment to a new level with the introduction of the new iPod® Interface Kit in Australia, developed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories.

The new kit, available for most models in the Mercedes-Benz line-up, will enable Mercedes-Benz customers to fully integrate their Apple iPod® with the in-car audio system and, in turn, provide direct access to up to 15,000 stored tracks or 875 hours of non-stop entertainment.

The interface, integrated into the glove compartment, turns Mercedes-Benz cars into a veritable audio archive on wheels, whilst ensuring the device could not be simpler to use. Operating the unit is just as user-friendly: the driver navigates around the iPod® menu using the buttons on the standard-fit multifunction steering wheel. The central display on the dashboard provides the driver with all the relevant information. At the same time, this solution also promotes safety, as the driver’s hands stay firmly on the steering wheel and he/she can remain focused on the road ahead.

The iPod® Interface Kit is available from next month for the current A-Class, C-Class, CLS-Class and CLK-Class models as well as all E-Class and SLK-Class models fitted with COMAND. The recommended retail price is $528 plus fitting. The user-friendly system will also be available for forthcoming new models such as the B-Class, M-Class, S-Class and R-Class.

Diane Tarr, Senior Manager Service & Parts Marketing, welcomed the addition of the new iPod® Interface Kit to the extensive range of Mercedes-Benz accessories and merchandise.

“The great news about the new iPod® Interface Kit, developed by Mercedes-Benz, is that its level of functionality is superior to many other kits currently on the market.

“With the Mercedes-Benz iPod® Interface Kit, customers have access to the same iPod® functionality on screen in the car as they would on the iPod® itself,” she said.

Contents of up to 1,000 CDs in the glove compartment
The intelligent system is compatible with all current Apple MP3 players, such as iPod® (Generation 3 or higher), iPod® mini, iPod® photo and iPod® U2. Depending on the iPod® model, the Mercedes-Benz driver can access up to 60 gigabytes of storage via the Interface Kit – sufficient for 15,000 MP3 songs. It would take up to five standard trolley cases to store what is the equivalent content on just under 1,000 CDs.

Fast installation thanks to plug-and-play
Connecting up the vehicle and iPod® could not be simpler thanks to plug-and-play technology. Once an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealership has fitted the adapter kit, there is no need to install any other hardware or software. As soon as the iPod® is connected to the interface port in the glove compartment, the vehicle’s onboard electronics communicate with the iPod® via the interface. Simply press a button on the car radio to switch it on: the ‘AUX’ button on those models with a navigation system (COMAND), and the ‘CDC’ button for the Audio 20 CD radio models. A particular advantage of the Mercedes-Benz system: other devices such as a CD changer are not affected because the iPod® Interface Kit is connected to the audio system via a separate interface. The navigation system and other functions controlled directly via the head unit can still be used as normal.

Operation via the multifunction steering wheel
All the music functions on the iPod® can be accessed via the multifunction steering wheel. The driver can navigate through the playlists, scroll up through the menu, set the volume, fast-forward or rewind, skip or repeat a track by using the buttons on the steering wheel. The multifunction display on the dashboard indicates, for example, the song title and artist as well as the play mode of the MP3 player.

Choose your tracks or let the system choose for you: your personal playlist
Drivers can either choose tracks themselves or leave it to the iPod® to select tracks at random. The iPod® shuffle function, your 'virtual disc jockey’, selects songs and puts together a mix of tunes from your personal music collection in the glove compartment. And, of course, you can also store and play talking books, language courses or stories and fairytales for children for those longer journeys.

Power from the glove compartment
The iPod® Interface Kit offers Mercedes-Benz drivers another advantage: the MP3 player battery automatically recharges using the vehicle’s electrical system as soon as the player is connected. However, power is only supplied to the unit when the ignition is on. If you take the iPod® out of the glove compartment after a long journey, the battery is fully charged, offering up to 18 hours of entertainment.

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape: the service for music insiders
Mercedes-Benz offers free Mixed Tape music downloads on the internet as an additional service for MP3 owners. Every eight weeks, 15 specially selected songs are made available at a Mercedes-Benz website.

The songs can be accessed using data streaming or downloaded, and they can be burnt onto a CD-ROM free of charge or copied to an MP3 player. The music download service also offers a wealth of additional functions such as a cover or title generator, an e-mail newsletter with details of each compilation and an eCard facility.

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