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2004 Mercedes-Benz A_Class 'Piccadilly'
Mercedes-Benz A-Class "Piccadilly"

19th April, 2004

Limited Edition A-Class
with High-Comfort Appointments

"Piccadilly" is the name of the special A-Class CLASSIC model which Mercedes-Benz is offering for a limited time.

First presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the Piccadilly special package will be available for A 160 CLASSIC and A 160 long wheelbase CLASSIC models from early May.

“The Piccadilly edition meets very high demands in terms of design and ride comfort and further improves the appeal of this successful Mercedes compact car,” said Horst von Sanden, Managing Director of the Mercedes Car Group for Australia/Pacific.

In addition to the extra equipment which was recently made available to the A-Class CLASSIC model, such as central locking with radio remote control and luggage cover, standard appointments for the Piccadilly special package include a leather-covered steering wheel and shift lever.

Its sporty and elegant appearance is emphasised by new 16-inch light-alloy wheels in a five-spoke design and two attractive metallic paint finishes which Mercedes-Benz offers exclusively, and at no additional cost, for this special model: alpine blue and tropical black.

The name "Piccadilly" appears on the mirror triangle, on the standard velour floor mats and on the shift lever.

Pricing for the A-Class CLASSIC model range remains unchanged at $34,900 for the A 160 CLASSIC and $36,900 for the A 160 long wheelbase CLASSIC.

Since it was introduced in 1998 the A-Class has played a key role in the sales success of Mercedes-Benz in Australia, accounting for 11.7 per cent of total passenger car sales.

Up until March 2004, precisely 6,157 customers have taken delivery of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Over the corresponding period the company has sold a total of 52,327 passenger vehicles in Australia.

The 1.6-litre engine is the most popular choice among A-Class customers with over 75 per cent opting for the 75kW four-cylinder powerplant, whilst among long wheelbase models the numbers are almost evenly split between A 160 and the 1.9-litre A 190.

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