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6th July, 2004

MG Rover Australia is set to expand the MG ZT model range with the addition of the Super Charged MG ZT220S. This dynamic model will be available for release with a choice of either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed adaptive automatic.

Performance test indicate that the ZT220S will deliver an approximately 20% increase in peak torque and power over the standard 2.5 V6.

Performance figures of the ZT220S will be as follows:

Power: 165 kW @ 6,400 rpm
Torque: 288 Nm @ 4,100 rpm

The high efficiency low-boost twin-screw type supercharger has been developed locally through Sprintex Superchargers based in Perth.

Michel De Vriendt, Managing Director of MG Rover Australia commented:

“The standard ZT 180 is an outstanding car, with very good power delivery combined with magnificent handling characteristics. With its well-regarded chassis dynamics, we felt there was a tremendous opportunity to further enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.

The Sprintex Supercharge development programme has allowed us to do this. Not only has power and performance been improved, overall acceleration has been enhanced. The ZT220S manual will reach 100 km/h from a standing start in approximately 7.1 seconds, on par with other European sports sedans that retail at higher costs. The automatic will be able to meet this same milestone in approximately 8.3 seconds.’

For homologation and warranty reasons, complete tuning kits will be fitted locally by qualified Sprintex technicians prior to delivery to authorized MG Rover dealerships. All ZT220S models will be covered by a 3-year/100,000 km warranty. The tuning kit will be made available with a recommended retail price of $9,900.

Now all certification requirements have now been completed, it is anticipated the first retail deliveries will commence in early July.

Sprintex Supercharge Tuning Kit in Detail

Each MG ZT is delivered to Sprintex direct from MG Rover where a Supercharger Conversion is installed. The conversion sees a fabricated inlet manifold replace the original unit, secondary fuel injector, control ECU, boost bypass value, mounting brackets and a twin screw supercharger. Manual versions are also fitted with a higher rated clutch to ensure optimal power delivery.

On completion, all vehicles undergo calibration of engine and (auto) transmission on a vehicle dyno. The operation of the supercharger is then checked with a full quality control inspection.

Each vehicle is then signed off, and an individually numbered identification plate is attached, the vehicle details are logged into the Sprintex database, which includes the chassis identification number.

Each Owners manual will include an addendum identifying the warranty and maintenance requirements of the vehicle, reinforcing specific engine oil and fuel requirements.

Sprintex Superchargers – The company

Sprintex Superchargers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Automotive Components and was established over 25 years ago in the United Kingdom. The company relocated to Australia in 1987 and has been producing and developing its patented Twin screw Supercharger for clients around the world.

The Sprintex Supercharger technology is a patented and registered trademark world wide and recognised as one of the world’s leading Supercharger technologies.

Sprintex manufactures its series 111 and S90 range of Superchargers in Australia. The company has full emissions and compliance capabilities as well as specialised electronics experience.

The company has recently moved into a new state of the art and dedicated facility in Perth, Western Australia.

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