Mini Travels Forward in Time and Space


Mini Concept Frankfurt

12th September, 2005

- First concept since debut of the new Mini in 1997
- Long-wheelbase model expands load carrying
- Supercharged engine delivers sparkling performance

Forty-five years after the launch of the Mini Traveller (estate) in September 1960, Mini presents the Mini Concept Frankfurt.

This is the first Mini design study since the launch of the Mini brand at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. It re-interprets the feel of the original British-built Traveller via a new concept of “Travelling in Style” for the 21st century.

The Mini Concept Frankfurt is packed with innovation inside and out. Its coupé-like profile and wide-opening doors feature intelligent parallelogram hinge mechanisms.

The Mini Concept Frankfurt's multi-layered Silver Metallic exterior paintwork complements the fine materials used inside the car. It pays tribute to its 1960’s forebear through its elegant Estate design with symmetrically split double doors at the rear and split side windows for back seat passengers.

Clever Mini style all the way

The fundamental idea in developing the Mini Concept Frankfurt was to make loading and entering the car as simple and convenient as possible.

All four doors come with parallelogram hinge mechanisms allowing the doors to swivel to the side and forward in one smooth movement.

This allows optimum access to the interior. The rear sliding windows open electrically, and the front section slides back behind the rear.

Mini Concept Frankfurt

The Mini Concept Frankfurt builds on cues which have made Mini design instantly recognisable around the world.

Its shoulder-line rises to the rear to give the car its exciting wedge shape and is further accentuated by the extra length of this model.

The Mini Concept Frankfurt uses a supercharged Mini Cooper S engine, characterised by the bonnet-mounted air intake scoop, and dual tailpipes at the rear. This, combined with Mini’s trademark short overhangs, long wheelbase and wide tracks, ensures remarkable handling and unbridled enthusiasm.

Satellite Silver Paintwork, Leather Chrome and Aluminium.

The paintwork of the Mini Concept Study offers an entirely new version of artistic looks, with a combination of non-metallic and metallic paints. The Satellite Silver exterior paintwork comes with a brilliant silver look in the light, with a refined and sophisticated grey tone. Mini achieves this special effect by applying the Silver Metallic paintwork in two layers, the colours of each layer varying slightly.

Throughout the interior, white leather underlines the impression of modern style and generous space, adding a touch of sophisticated class and stylish flair. White emphasises the clear lines of the Mini Concept Frankfurt, and is supplemented by the warm, natural feel of top-quality leather contrasting with cool-looking, metallic trim.

An aluminium-coated glass-fibre structure, for example, accentuates the door panels and linings inside the car, while a special carbon-fibre look highlights the foot area in combination with nylon texture carpeting adding a particular touch of sporting style.

“Floating” front seats

The Mini Concept is designed to offer generous space and luxurious style for up to four utilising new space concepts ranging from the Cargobox in the luggage compartment through to free-hanging driver and front passenger seats.

The seats appear to ‘float in space’, but are mounted directly on the front centre console by special load-bearing extensions. This offers additional foot room for passengers in the rear and more open space along the floor of the car.

To make access to the rear as convenient as possible, the front seats have a unique Easy-Entry System featuring an electric motor that rotates and moves the seats forward. To do this, the backrest on the driver and front passenger seats turns away without folding down and provides more room and easier access when entering the rear of the vehicle. Once rear passengers are seated, the front seats automatically return to their original position.

Ample rear seat space and luggage carrying flexibility

The long wheelbase of the car gives two passengers at the rear adequate space in every respect, making Mini Concept Frankfurt a genuine four-seater. The rear-seat backrests fold down individually to sit flush with the floor of the luggage compartment. This allows the car to be loaded from all sides, either through the front or rear doors.

The Cargobox – a “Butler” in the boot

The extra-large and flat loading area in the rear provides ample space for large and bulky objects, with the centre armrest between the two seats being fully integrated in the flat surface and also offers additional storage space.

Mini Concept Frankfurt's Cargobox feature makes loading items easy and convenient - a very helpful “butler” for handling both small bags and big cases. The floor can be pulled out to allow bags to be placed on it and then smoothly pushed back into the car.

Alternatively, the floor of the Cargobox may be flipped up, serving as a partition between the passenger compartment and the luggage area. Fully retractable, frameless windows in both rear doors also provide convenient access to the luggage compartment without opening the doors.

Mini Concept Frankfurt

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