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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII


17th March, 2004

The heart of the car is its engine - a high-performance improved 2-litre intercooled-turbocharged engine – that has taken the car to four World Drivers and a World Manufacturers Championships under Tommi Makinen, as well as countless individual rally wins since the first Evolution was released in the early 1990’s.

The Lancer Evolution VIII marks the eighth step up the evolutionary ladder in the 12 years since the series made its Japan debut in October 1992. Providing a base model for a wide range of motorsport events, Evolution VIII continues the tradition of delivering quicker competition performance with each new model in the series. Evolution VIII also brings a significant improvement in driving quality, offering a close fit between man and machine that inspires greater confidence over all speed bands and surfaces.

Major changes over Evolution VII include:

  • A close-ratio gearbox that extracts the maximum performance from the engine’s class-topping power and torque.
  • The addition of Super Active Yaw Control to the race-proven Active Centre Differential in Mitsubishi’s all-wheel traction control system realises significant improvements in cornering and traction performance. (Standard on GSR, factory-fitted option on RS models).
  • Improved aerodynamic performance with the use of a new-design oversize front bumper, engine undercover and the first all-carbon rear spoiler on a 4-door production sedan.

Evolution VIII presents a more aggressive exterior design than Evo VII, and incorporates the new Mitsubishi global design identity in the front grille and sees improvements in aerodynamic and cooling performance. Stamping the new Mitsubishi design identity on the front visage is the pyramid-shape element in the centre of the grille that locates the chrome Mitsubishi 3-diamond logo, the apex of which provides the origin for a ridge line that flows seamlessly into the engine hood.

The rear spoiler uses carbon fibre-reinforced plastic for both horizontal and vertical components - a world-first on a 4-door production sedan.

Inside Evolution VIII uses an off-black colour scheme and the strategic placement of dark titanium-finish panels to create a sporty interior space that fully complements the vehicle’s character and supports sports driving requirements. The dashboard ornamentation is finished in blue to coordinate with the seat upholstery. The Recaro bucket seats use slim-line bolsters and a lustrous blue knit fabric with a distinctive dimple-finish to complement the stylish interior appearance.  

Evo VIII uses the same brakes as its predecessor: Brembo 17-inch ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers at the front and 16-inch ventilated discs with 2-piston calipers at the rear. It also retains Mitsubishi’s Sports ABS (incorporating Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), that uses a steering wheel angle sensor to detect steering inputs. The computer uses this information to regulate braking force at each wheel independently, and improve handling behaviour under braking.

To improve handling stability and driving quality, Evolution VIII’s body has been made stronger and stiffer in a program giving the largest gain in strength for the smallest increase in weight.

Sitting on ENKEI 6-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels, shod with high performance 235/45ZR17 tyres, the wheel/tyre combination helps Evo VIII stick to the road like glue. Its lateral grip and cornering capability has to be experienced to be believed.

This all comes together to provide the ultimate driving experience in a road-going performance car.

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