Morgan Range Updated For 2005

2005 Morgan Plus 4
2005 Morgan Plus 4

20th June, 2005

With effect from July 2005 production, various product, specification and pricing enhancements are made to the various classic Morgan models.

These changes are summarised below.

Standard equipment evolution:

As has been the case since 2002, all new Australian Morgans have features not found on Morgans that came into Australia previously. These features include:

  • Factory built to comply with Australian Design Rules
  • All aluminium body, including the scuttle
  • Aluminium cladding over the treated ash frame in the cockpit area
  • Galvanized Steel chassis
  • Twin air bags and side intrusion bars in the doors
  • Electrically heated windscreen
  • Polished walnut dash

The galvanized steel chassis replaces the previously painted steel chassis, not a wood chassis, as is the commonly mistakenly held myth!

Late 2003 saw the switch to the new "quick-fit" soft-top, with revised 25-degree windscreen on the final 6 Morgan Plus 8 Anniversary cars, which is now standard equipment on all models.

These cars were also the first to receive the now standard equipment clear undercoat for under body protection. This new clear coat replaces the rather unsightly black undercoat, which was an expensive option in former times.

The new soft-top is a significant improvement over the previous design, not only allowing for quick and easy fitment and removal, but also allowing access to the rear parcel shelf via a new quick release lever.

It also allows for much better sealing of the sidescreens, due to the firm cant rail structure in the roof folding structure.

The continual development of the classic Morgans continues, with new standard equipment enhancements now making their appearance in mid-2005. These are:

  • Le Mans filler cap (like the 1962 Le Mans Morgan Plus 4 class winner)
  • Sports seats fitted as standard
  • New aluminium fuel tanks, replacing steel, hence lighter weight
  • Stainless steel kingpins for greater durability
  • Flocking material in tool trays to reduce noise on rough surfaces

Please also note that if the folding and reclining sport seat option is specified, the cushion height of these seats will in future be lower, to better suit taller drivers and to make ingress and egress easier.

The changes are summarised by model:

The Morgan 4/4 - 69-years young

Now the longest serving model badge in the automotive world, the first Morgan 4/4 entered production in 1936 and has remained as a mainstay model for Morgan ever since.

A truly iconic sports car, the classic Morgan 4/4 has withstood the test of time like no other and still today draws many admiring glances for its timeless good looks and enduring appeal amongst sports car aficionados.

The 2005 Morgan 4/4 is equipped with the latest Euro 4 compliant 1.8 litre Ford Focus engine, developing 93 kW, 9 kW more than the preceding model, which also used an earlier generation Ford Focus engine.

The base recommended retail price of the revised 4/4 is now $97 000, up from the previous $94 000. This price excludes options, dealer delivery charges and statutory charges.

However, with leather trim and sports seats now included in the price of the car, the price has actually come down by $3210 as leather was a $4860 option before and sports seats were a $1350 option.

The Morgan 4/4, fitted with an optional hard top is depicted below:

2005 Morgan 4/4
2005 Morgan 4/4

A new option now available on all classic Morgans is the new Hard Top, in Royal Ivory for $5990 and in the colour of the car body for $6750.

The Morgan Plus 4 - Making a welcome return

Having had an outstanding 5-decade production run, the famous Plus 4 model ended its production run in 2000.

But, now with the availability of a new Euro 4 compliant "state of the art" 2.0-litre Ford Focus engine, the Plus 4 is making a welcome return.

Developing 106 kW of power, the engine provides the Plus 4 with spirited performance. The new lightweight Plus 4 dispatches the zero to 100 km/h dash in a brisk 7.3 seconds.

Previously indicatively priced at $108,000 the Plus 4 now has leather trim and standard sports seats integrated into the $111,000 price, prior to options, dealer delivery charges and statutory charges.

As with the 4/4, this represents a saving of $3,210 over the previous price, when specification is taken into account.

In addition to the 4/4, the Plus 4 offers the following additional specifications and features:

  • 14% More powerful engine, 106 kW versus 93 kW
  • 15% More torque, 187 Nm versus 162 Nm
  • 14% Better performance, 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds, versus 8.5 seconds
  • Wider 6J spoke wheels, versus 5J on the 4/4
  • Wider "low-line" mudguards
  • Fully louvered bonnet
  • Tred rubber on running board

Both the Plus 4 and the 4/4 models may now be ordered with bolt-on alloy wheels, in place of the standard centre lock spoke wheels, as a no cost option.

Morgan Logo

The Morgan Roadster - The most powerful classic Morgan ever

As with the other classic models, leather trim and sports seats are now standard equipment on the Roadster, resulting in a price increase to $138,000 from the previous $134,500, excluding options, dealer delivery charges and statutory charges.

Over the Plus 4, the Roadster offers the following additional features, specifications and advantages:

    3.0 litre V6 Ford 24 valve quad cam engine, versus 2.0 litre 16 valve DOHC inline four cylinder engine

  • 58% More power, 168 kW versus 106 kW
  • 45% More torque, 272 Nm versus 187 Nm
  • 29% more performance, zero to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds, versus 7.3 seconds
  • 6.5 J alloy wheels (7J spoke optional), versus 6J spoke

Unlike with the other classic models, the Roadster may be ordered with an optional air-conditioning unit.

2005 Morgan Roadster
2005 Morgan Roadster

With a record number of 569 cars produced in 2004, Morgan sports cars are sure to retain their rarity and excellent resale value.

Budding Morganeers should expect to wait 6 to 12-months prior to taking delivery of a car, from the date of order placement!

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