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Noble M12 GTO-3R
and Pagani Zonda
for Australia

The Italian supercar Pagani Zonda is coming to Australia
MG Rover is bringing the Pagani Zonda to Australia.
It will retail from about $1.2 million or so!
Plus on-road costs, of course!

10th February, 2004

MG Rover to import exotics

Building on its successful foundation as importer of MG and Rover vehicles, Motor Group Australia has announced it will expand its operation to distribute Noble and Pagani, two elite sports car brands currently unavailable in Australia.

Michel De Vriendt, Managing Director of Motor Group Australia, commented:

“Motor Group Australia has established itself as a boutique importer of specialty vehicles. The ongoing success and stability of MG Rover in Australia has given us the opportunity to explore other areas. The addition of Noble and Pagani supports our business strategy, representing a clear picture of our future distribution objectives. We are very excited to be introducing these unique vehicles to our current vehicle distribution range and the Australian market.”

Motor Group Australia anticipates showcasing the Pagani Zonda Roadster and Noble M12 GTO-3R at the 2004 Melbourne Motor Show, commencing this month. The Pagani Zonda Coupe will be available later in the year.

Ross Meyer, Marketing Manager of Motor Group Australia says:

”These exciting vehicles will appeal to very different buyer profiles. The Noble GTO-3R is an undiluted sports car in its truest sense. We, like the European and UK press, have been impressed by Noble’s expertise and ability to build exceptional low volume sports cars that drive and perform on par with vehicles twice their price. This is an extremely rewarding vehicle".

“Similarly, the Pagani Zonda represents the pinnacle of super sports car manufacturing and engine technology. It is unquestionably the most exclusive Italian sports car available in the world, delivering an unsurpassable driving experience. The quality of workmanship, especially the attention to detail, really needs to seen to be believed. Best of all it is available in right-hand drive.

Whilst these are different vehicles appealing to distinctly different sports car buyers; their commonality lies in their blistering performance. Both vehicles are able to accelerate 0-60 mph in approximately 3.7 seconds. This would make them arguably the fastest standard production vehicles available in Australia.”

Motor Group Australia has outlined that these two vehicles are only the start of an increasing model line over the next few years.

Pricing and distribution details are yet to be finalised, however, it is planned initial distribution outlets will be set up in both Sydney and Melbourne. It is estimated that the Noble M12 GTO-3R will be priced at approximately $200,000 and the Pagani Zonda coupe range will start at the $1.2+ million mark. Final details are planned to be released at the Melbourne International Motorshow.

MG Rover sales are also expecting a big boost this year with the introduction of the face lifted Rover 75 & MG ZT model ranges in the third quarter of the year. The first of the rear wheel drive V8 MG ZT and Rover models are also expected to be released at that time. The 3 door MG ZR hot hatch and Rover 75 turbo diesel models are also currently being considered for the Australian market.

The Noble M12 GTO-3R is coming to Australia
MG Rover is bringing the Noble M12 GTO-3R to Australia.
It will retail from about $200,000.

* The Melbourne International Motor Show will be open to the public from 27th February to 8th March, 2004.

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