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Renault's New Clio

2009 Renault Clio GT (copyright image)

2009 Renault Clio GT
makes its debut at the
2009 Geneva Motor Show

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8th February, 2009

The new Renault Clio begins a new chapter in the Clio story which began in 1990 and which has since seen the model go from strength to strength.

The new Renault Clio stands out as a versatile, balanced package which carries over the same qualities that saw Clio III take the 'Car of the Year ' award in 2006, namely benchmark cabin space, safety, comfort and roadholding, as well as the same build quality that has made it one of its segment's most reliable models.

Renault's new compact hatchback features: renewed styling which incorporates the same dynamic cues as those which have become the hallmarks of the new Renault Mégane's front end, a new GT version, enabling Renault Clio customers to sample the world of sporty motoring. Renault's new Clio GT boasts racy looks and 'fun to drive' handling.

Another feature is the Carminat TomTom, the first fully integrated and affordable GPS navigation solution. Renault's latest navigation solution has been co-developed with TomTom and will be dual branded. The navigation solution, easily updateable on the internet, has a large colour screen (5.8 inch/14.7cm), and will include traffic and speed limit information, as well as safety camera locations, at a price of less than €500 (in Europe).


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The new Renault compact hatchback reinforces Clio's family ties with the new Renault Mégane, as the new Renault Clio boasts more streamlined styling, with the lines of the headlamp modules now extending down to the lateral upturns of the front air intake. Indeed, the broad air intake in the lower part of the front bumper sets off the dynamic frontal styling which includes the presence of gloss black protective mouldings. The revised design of the rear lights prolongs the waist line across the hatch, while the uncluttered approach to the design of the central part of the rear bumper further emphasises the new Renault Clio's dynamic stance. The reversing lights and foglamps are positioned low down and to the extreme right and left of the bumper.

The choice of the new interior trims and equipment was guided by a desire to produce a sense of well-being and perceived quality, and the screen of the Carminat TomTom GPS navigation system is perfectly integrated into the upper part of the centre console.

New Renault Clio GT: an unprecedented version with genuine character

As with other Renault models, a GT version forms part of the new Renault Clio range. The compact and racy new Renault Clio GT hatchback features an exclusive body colour, Malta Blue. Its frontal styling is more aggressive and includes a gloss black grille, while the side sills hint at the performance of the GT version's specific suspension. The new Renault Clio GT is easily recognisable from the rear thanks to its twin exhaust tailpipes and lip spoiler.


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There are eye-catching sporty details inside the car, too, including drilled aluminium pedal covers and extra side support for the seats, plus GT-badging for the front seats.

Carminat TomTom: the first fully integrated, updatable and affordable navigation solution Renault's latest GPS navigation solution, Carminat TomTom, is the fruit of the car maker's partnership with TomTom to bring affordable integrated navigation solutions to Renault customers. Ready to start working from the moment you start the car and particularly easy to use, the solution will give Clio drivers a safe and stress-free driving experience.

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