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Europe's New Renault Kangoo Express Compact



29th October, 2007

Renault Kangoo Express Compact

Renault is strengthening its number one status in the European LCV segment with the addition of a new concept in commercial vans, manufactured at its Maubeuge plant in France.

New Kangoo Express Compact is a vehicle that has been designed with urban use uppermost in mind. It sets new standards in comfort that help make life easy for its users.

Attractive, compact and nimble, it shares the key strengths of the New Kangoo Express. It uses space particularly efficiently, with a maximum load capacity of between 2.3 and 2.9 cubic metres (depending on version) for an overall length of just 3.83 metres.

With this new addition to its line-up, Renault is addressing the business needs of people whose work involves driving in and around towns and cities. New Kangoo Express Compact is aimed particularly at those whose jobs take them frequently into city centres to make deliveries, carry out jobs or repairs or provide services.

New Kangoo Express Compact sets unprecedented standards of LCV comfort by revisiting New Kangoo Express. Carefully thought-out ergonomics yield fresh driving pleasure and a sense of well-being. Its dashboard is worthy of an MPV and the high-up driving position combines with the panoramic windscreen. Front elbow room is 1.51 metres and the cabin is exceptionally spacious for such a compact vehicle.

New Kangoo Express Compactís 3.83 metre length has been made 38 centimetres shorter than the regular Kangoo Express by shortening its wheelbase by an equivalent amount. The reduced wheelbase also reduces the turning circle. New Kangoo Express Compact needs just 9.4 metres between kerbs to complete a U-turn, a feature ideally suited to city driving.

Though compact, New Kangoo Express Compact boasts a load capacity of between 2.3 and 2.9 cubic metres (depending on version). With an interior width of 1.21 metres, the loading bay is designed to take standard Euro pallets. When the New Kangoo Compact Expressís passenger seat is folded to form a flat floor, the maximum load length increases from 1.34 to 2.12 metres. There is also a version without passenger seat which can take load lengths of up to 2.54 metres. In the two latter configurations, maximum carrying capacity is 2.9 cubic metres.

New Compact Kangoo Express has many of New Kangoo Expressís cleverly designed stowage spaces, such as the A4-document dashboard stowage, overhead parcel shelf and a large, lidded 15-litre glovebox (depending on version).

New Kangoo Express can also serve as a travelling office thanks to its many multimedia and navigation aid features. Renault also offers a mobile navigation device holder positioned to the top-left of the driverís seat so that it is perfectly visible. The Audio Connection Box is also available with New Kangoo Express. This device enables occupants to listen to their own audio library. Located in the glove compartment, the Audio Connection Box has ports for connecting USB ends, MP3 players and iPods and is controlled via the steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote control. A hands-free Bluetooth function is also available.

New Compact Kangoo Express has a range of engine packages ideally suited to motoring in built-up areas. The 1.5 dCi diesel engine comes with an output of either 50kW or 63kW, while the 1.6 8V petrol unit delivers 66kW. Drive is through a five-speed manual gearbox. The availability of maximum torque from low engine speeds and a weight that is lighter than the standard version combine to give the 1.5 dCi New Kangoo Express Compact brisk acceleration and genuine driving pleasure in and about town.

Renault Kangoo Express Compact

With CO2 emission levels of less than 140g/km, both diesel models are economical and environmentally-friendly, which returns combined cycle fuel consumption of just 5.1 litres/100km (equivalent to 135g of CO2/km). Both 1.5 dCi versions of New Kangoo Express Compact comply with the criteria for Renault eco≤ appellation.

Derived from the Scťnic platform, which is acclaimed for its dynamic performance, comfort and safety, New Kangoo Express Compact boasts handling worthy of a family saloon. It is equipped with latest-generation ABS which combines with emergency brake assist and MSR engine torque overrun regulation. Depending on version and market, New Kangoo Express Compact benefits from driver aids familiarly associated with saloon cars (e.g. cruise control and speed limiter, automatic headlamp activation and rear parking proximity sensor).

Its cabin is designed to ensure the highest levels of safety for all occupants. Both seatbelts are equipped with pyrotechnic pretensioners which hold occupants firmly in their seats, plus load limiters which afford more effective protection for the thorax. New Kangoo Express comes with a driverís side airbag as standard, while some trim levels are equipped with both passenger and driverís side thorax airbags. To limit damage to the pelvis in head-on collisions the front seats have anti-submarining humps (except with folding passenger seat).

Because all LCV users seek high-performance vehicles that can adapt to their needs, Renault offers a full range of complementary conversions and accessories. The cost of mechanical work and repairs has also been minimised to ensure that New Kangoo Express Compact remains an economical and reliable vehicle.


New Renault Kangoo Express Compact
Overall length 3.83 m
Height 1.80 m
Overall width 1.82 m
Load length 1.34 m ! 2.54m (without passenger seat)
Load volume 2.3 ! 2.9 cubic metres (without passenger seat)
Payload 500 kg

New Renault Kangoo Express
Overall length 4.21 m
Height 1.82 m
Overall width 1.82 m
Load length 1.73m ! 2.92m (without passenger seat)
Load volume 3 ! 3.6 cubic metres (without passenger seat)
Payload 650 to 800 kg (depending on version)

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