Renault Unleashes the
Mégane Renault Sport Cup


2005 Renault Megane Renaultsport Cup

27th September, 2005

Renault is introducing a new version of the Mégane Renault Sport featuring an even more sporting chassis. The Mégane Renault Sport Cup, entirely dedicated to the pleasure of driving, benefits from upgraded brakes, recalibrated springs, dampers and anti-roll bar plus a new electric power assisted steering system.

Modifications include improved support for the body resulting in lower roll angles (-10%), less pitching during acceleration and less nosedive under braking. These developments also benefit traction on all types of surface and cornering potential thanks to a front suspension with greater turn authority. The dampers, springs and anti-roll bar are adapted to suit an even more radical driving style than the chassis of the Mégane Renault Sport.

The spring rate of the independent steering-axis front suspension has been increased by 25% to 42 N/mm. In order to improve cornering potential, the diameter of the anti-roll bar has been slightly reduced. For the rear suspension, the spring rate has been increased by 77% to 44N/mm.

The driver aid systems benefit from recalibration. The ESP system may now be inhibited. However, the system will still intervene should the car suffer a major divergence from trajectory under heavy braking, otherwise, its intervention threshold is higher and its operation less intrusive.

The front and rear Brembo disc brakes are drilled to provide better cooling, optimum operation in wet conditions and a reduction in unsprung mass. Considerable work has gone into improving the immediacy and rate of response to brake pedal movement. The diameter of the master cylinder is increased from 23.8mm to 25.4mm, which results in better pedal feel. With such a high deceleration capacity and taking into account the operating profiles, the EBA system has been deleted to allow drivers to make the most of the vehicle’s braking potential.

The new heavily perforated 18-inch wheels result in a saving of 1.5kg per wheel in unsprung mass. The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres, with dimensions 235/40 R18, match the requirements of the sports chassis. Dunlop and Renault Sport have developed a special silicon-based tread compound which ensures maximum efficiency on all types of surfaces. The stiffness of the centre section of the breaker band improves stability at high speed. The multiple ribs of the profile meanwhile ensure uniform pressure in the contact patch, providing optimum adhesion.

The Mégane Renault Sport Cup introduces a new electric power assisted steering system. A splined “tube-in-tube” sliding joint connects the two sections of the steering column, replacing the flexible joint of the previous generation. This provides a more positive feel around the steering centre-point. Driving precision is improved thanks to the transmission of better feel from the road surface. The calibration of the family of 16 curves which define the degree of assistance has been developed to take account of this new feature.

As in the Mégane Renault Sport, the Cup is powered by the F4Rt 2.0 16v turbocharged engine jointly developed by Renault’s Powertrain Engineering Department and Renault Sport Technologies. This engine develops a power output of 165kW at 5,500rpm and a torque of 300Nm at 3,000rpm, with at least 90% of this torque available between 2,000 and 6,000rpm. The engine is teamed with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Mégane Renault Sport Cup will be available in one specification and has a recommended retail price of $42,990*.

Renault’s managing director, Rudi Koenig, is pleased to add the Mégane Renault Sport Cup to the line-up.

“This new addition to the Renault Sport range should prove to be a popular choice with its superior handling and response creating an exciting performance car,” Mr Koenig said.

*Price excludes dealer delivery and on road costs.

2005 Renault Megane Renaultsport Cup

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"Anything you can do, I can do!"

1st April, 2005
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