Safety And Security In New Volvo S80


2006 Volvo S80
The new S80 is scheduled for an Australian release
during the first quarter 2007.

14th July, 2006

Volvo introduces leading-edge personal security features in the all-new S80 luxury sedan.

"Safety is not just a matter of avoiding accidents," explains Silvia Güllsdorf, business project manager for the all-new Volvo S80. "In an increasingly insecure world, safety also extends to control over our immediate environment, both at home and in the car."

The Volvo S80 comes with a unique optional feature - the Personal Car Communicator (PCC).

The PCC is an advanced, pocket-sized remote control. The device is used to unlock the car door when you pull the door handle. To lock the door, you press the button, either on the door handle or the PCC.

"Wondering if the car is locked is a very common worry among drivers - and a frequent one. I know that I often have to check it myself by unlocking and relocking the car after I have walked a few metres," says Güllsdorf with a smile.

With the PCC, you simply check the key to see if the car is locked. And you do not even have to be near the car; the key simply 'remembers' whether your last action was to lock or unlock.

You can also start the car without a key. Just sit in the driver's seat, place your feet on the pedals and push a button to start the engine.

The PCC is much more. When approaching the car from a range of 60 to 100 metres, you can obtain a security status report by pressing the information button. Different LEDs then tell you if the car is locked or unlocked, other LEDs tell whether somebody has interfered with the vehicle and caused the alarm to go off. A flashing red light means that the heartbeat sensor has been activated and that there is an intruder in the car.

"Our surveys show that motorists in many countries are fearful of assault, whether going to and from the car at night or in dark unsupervised parking places. Or assault by somebody who has hidden in the car," says Güllsdorf.

However, the S80 offers a few features that quickly dispel darkness when approaching the vehicle. Just one pushbutton operation on the remote control will switch on all of the car's lights, as well as the interior lighting.

This is also useful when looking for your car in a dark parking area. When leaving the car, the headlights can also be switched on for 30-90 seconds by operating the headlight flasher. This feature offers you an illuminated pathway to your front door.

The car alarm is activated if somebody breaks a window, moves about in the car or the panic button on the remote control is pressed. The car will then emit a cacophony of sound and light, and all of the lights will come on - all while the alarm itself is sounding.

Other security options include a level meter to detect if the car is raised in an attempt to steal the wheels.

"Personal security is a matter of untroubled car ownership and avoiding situations that can present personal risks," declares Güllsdorf.

The new S80 is available with laminated side windows to reduce the risk of theft and damage. The locks are also more robust; the most advanced being the BLL type with a deadlocking function. This means that the lock cylinder is free to rotate about 30 seconds after the door has been locked, making it impossible to open. And should a persistent thief succeed in entering the car, the doors cannot be opened from inside.

The locking system is provided with a number of setting options. The in-car menu enables you to choose whether all of the doors or just the driver's door will be opened when the car is unlocked. Some markets also offer the convenience of opening the windows by holding down the button for a few seconds when unlocking the vehicle. The windows are closed if this is repeated when locking the car.

"Other concerns relate to driving through unsafe areas. If this situation arises, the locking system can be programmed to lock the doors automatically when the car moves off. And if the doors are unlocked by mistake, they will relock themselves if no door is opened within half a minute.

"What we have done in the all-new S80 is attempt to meet the needs of owners for personal security," says Güllsdorf. "Personal security is one of the cornerstones of Volvo's safety philosophy."

The new S80 is scheduled for an Australian release during the first quarter 2007.

2006 Volvo S80

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