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Volkswagen Polo


VW is certainly in the game!

by Stephen Walker

5th October, 2006


Volkswagen Polo GTI 
		Location: Stanwell Tops NSW

Cars such as the Suzuki Swift, Mitsubishi Colt and Ford Fiesta, together with the Peugeot 206 and Renault Clio are the best of the light car segment, in my view. Of course, there are numerous others in the class, but I'll ignore them. The new Volkswagen Polo has joined a very crowded field, in a very crowded market place.

Upon driving numerous examples of the new Polo, this motoring journalist immediately formed the view that the already wide selection of good cars, in this segment, must be broadened to include the new Volkswagen Polo.

The older model Polo never really seemed to 'click'. Not so for the new model though. Released late last year, the new model is building up a high level of buyer support. It appeals to those who want just a little more than just a car.

The model name 'Polo' has been in Europe for decades. This new model should see the name Polo become common on Australian roads too. And quite rightly so!

Why do I suggest such a notion?

Volkswagen Polo TDI 
Locarion: Oran Park, NSW

Firstly, a wide selection of models is available from $16,990 (RRP). There is a 3-door (known as 'Club') and a 5-door hatch (known as 'Match'). Both are available with a petrol engine with either a manual or an automatic transmission. Additionally, there is a 5-door diesel (manual transmission only) available (known as 'TDI'). But the surprise of the range is the Polo GTI which, at $26,990 (RRP), is a stunningly successful rendition of a car that is bound to attract attention.

In this segment, price is a key factor. But as with any purchase, there are more important factors than just the price alone.

But let's look at the pricing (RRP).

The Polo Club 3-door is $16,990 (1.6 litre 5 speed manual) and $18,990 (4-speed automatic).

The Polo Match 5-door is $19,990 (1.6 litre manual) and two automatics are priced at $20,990 (1.4 litre 4-speed auto) and $22,790 (1.6 litre 6-speed auto).

The TDI (diesel) is priced at $22,990. The Polo TDI is available with a 5 speed manual transmission only.

The range topping GTI is priced at $26,990. The transmission choice for the GTI is a 5-speed manual. The Polo GTI competes with the established hot hatches from Peugeot and Renault and, also, with the newly released Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart and the just released Suzuki Swift Sport.

Metallic paint is optional on each model at $490.

A safety package, which is standard on the GTI, is optional for Club, Match and TDI.

The GTI has an excellent leather trim package available for $1,490.

Volkswagen Polo

On the road, the Polo presents itself as a well composed car. The handling and ride is impressive. The braking and steering is superb. Performance is much as you expect. The 1.6 litre petrol engine provides adequate performance and it is competitive with similar models from competitive makes. The turbo diesel is the surprise package in this model line-up. The 1.9 litre diesel produces a massive 240 Nm of torque between a handy 1,800-2,400 rpm. This provides tremendous driving satisfaction. If this is what can be expected from Europe's diesel technology, then let the world turn to diesels! And let it be now!

The Polo GTI is a completely different story. Priced above the other Polo models, the GTI offers a sporty appearance and, you better believe it ..... sporty performance. This neat little car adds a special touch to feeling good behind the wheel. It has all what is required to get up and go and more. The dashing interior looks and feels good. But it is the fantastic performance on the road which will sell the Polo GTI. The 1.8 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder provides plenty of get up and go. Along with it, there are plenty of smiles all-round to prove this car has got what it takes to perform well on the road and to perform in the nation's sales charts in the ever-increasing sporty car market.

We will have a full road test on numerous Polo models coming up soon. Such is the importance of this new model, we are interested in evaluating a selection to see how they feel on the road in everyday circumstances.

Stay tuned for the next Polo drive!

Volkswagon Polo TDI Volkswagon Polo GTI and TDI gathered 
at Oran Park, NSW Volkswagon Polo GTI
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Volkswagon Polo TDI Volkswagon Polo TDI Volkswagon Polo GTI

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