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Audi A3 TDI
A diesel delight!
And it has a classy presence!

22nd December, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Commodore Executive - VZ series
More of the same?

8th December, 2004 (copyright image)

Peugeot 206 GTi 180
Cool and trendy!

29th November, 2004 (copyright image)

Land Rover Discovery HSE
Strong and secure ..... and powerful!

23rd November, 2004 (copyright image)

Mitsubishi Magna VR-X AWD
A gripping drive? ...... You bet!

9th November, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Fiesta Ghia
This is a car with character!

29th October, 2004 (copyright image)

Audi S4
Let's keep it simple ...... the S4 is a powerful car!
It provides 253 kW of amazement at 7,000 rpm!

18th October, 2004 (copyright image)

Peugeot 307 CC
Very appealing with the top up
and excessively appealing with the top down!

29th September, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Commodore Executive - VYII
Why is the Commodore the best selling car in the nation?

13th September, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Territory Ghia - (RWD)
Rear-wheel drive with luxury and style to spare!

6th September, 2004 (copyright image)

Suzuki Liana GS
Spacious, well-equipped and just $19,990

23rd August, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Commodore SS - VYII
Pose value ..... it's a plus for the Commodore SS!

15th August, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Escape XLS
Spacious, vice-free and now with 4-cylinders!

8th August, 2004 (copyright image)

Lotus Elise 111R
The lure of the open road!

6th August, 2004 (copyright image)

Peugeot 307 XSE Touring
An all-round winner!

25th July, 2004 (copyright image)

Land Rover Freelander SE
It's top of the class!

16th July, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Monaro CV8 - Series III
Driver satisfaction is virtually guaranteed!

18th June, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Fiesta Zetec
Fun, Fun, Fun!

11th June, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Commodore S - VYII
Supercharged and super WOW!

28th May, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Escape Limited
Another reason why AWD sales are booming!

14th May, 2004 (copyright image)

2004 Land Rover Freelander S
This is real 4WD'ing!

7th May, 2004 (copyright image)

Mitsubishi Lancer Exceed
Just how good is very good?

30th April, 2004 (copyright image)

Mitsubishi Magna ES
Just how relevant is the Magna today?

15th April, 2004 (copyright image)

Suzuki XL-7
Great value and wonderful manners!

12th March, 2004 (copyright image)

Holden Statesman
A comfortable and complete cruiser!

5th March, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Falcon XR8 utility - BA
Mild and Wild!

27th January, 2004 (copyright image)

Ford Focus ST170
A driver's delight!

7th January, 2004

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