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Road Test


Mercedes-Benz E200 KOMPRESSOR

by Stephen Walker

7th May, 2007


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Few symbols are prized as highly as that of the three pointed star. And an ever increasing line-up of highly desirable products symbolises today's Mercedes-Benz.

The popular E-Class range sits right in the middle of the expansive Mercedes-Benz line-up.

The E 200 KOMPRESSOR is the subject of this road test. It is the 'base' model in the E-Class range in Australia. But base model is not the best choice of words when talking about the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. In fact, a good word to use when talking about the E-Class is the word "class" itself!

The E-Class sedan is the perfect size for executive motoring. At under 5 metres long it is not too large and it certainly isn't too small.

The interior is sized just right! Driver comfort is good, although a little more room for the left knee would be valued, especially for tall drivers. Passenger room is very good. But it is the level of comfort that makes the Mercedes-Benz E-Class shine. The seating is especially comfortable, so much so that it is here that you discover the word "base" doesn't apply to the description of the E-Class. Even the E 200 KOMPRESSOR impresses driver and passengers, alike, with the level of comfort. The seating is admirable. It's as simple as that!

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On the road the Mercedes-Benz E200 KOMPRESSOR is a surprise. The engine is a tiny 1.8 litres! Yes, just 1,796 cc is the displacement of the 4-cylinder engine. But because it is supercharged, it provides a very welcome 250 Nm of torque, but that torque is provided at a high rev range (3,500-4,500 rpm). But this means, unless you're a racer, the performance will be satisfying. But the benefit of this engine is the fuel consumption. European figures put the combined cycle as low as 8.5-8.9 litres per 100 kms. This is an excellent result for a petrol engine in a car the size of an E-Class.

Other delights with driving this fine automobile were the steering, the brakes, the handling and the excellent ride quality. Have you ever heard the 'sound of silence'? In the E200 KOMPRESSOR, the single most impressive feature was the sound of silence! It meant that I could listen to Sydney's 103.2 FM as far away as Newcastle and, by the way, that is a good thing! The driver's footrest provides added comfort for the driver, whilst cherishing the sound of silence and admiring the aforesaid driving qualities.

Driving some 832 kms in a week meant that our time in the Mercedes-Benz E200 KOMPRESSOR was as easy to take as any week of motoring could ever be! That is how impressive the sound of silence can be.

Other qualities highlighted during our time with the E-Class were the dual zone air conditioning, handy sized front door bins, self-locking doors, cruise control with speed management and the plentiful luggage space.

However, if you must have cup holders in your car, you will be disappointed with the E-Class. The test car had none (in the front that is). But that is fine by me, as I can live without cup holders!

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The E-Class is currently priced from $84,500 (RRP) for the E200 KOMPRESSOR with "Classic" trim right through to $227,600 (RRP) for the E 63 AMG. Between these prices sits numerous models with V6 petrol and diesel and V8 petrol engine choices. There are various trim packages and there is, also, an estate version. Those seeking the three pointed star are well catered for by the expansive E-Class line-up.

The Iridium Silver test car was fitted with some options. Specifically, metallic paint ($2,400), a sunroof ($4,950) and the highly desirable leather trim ($3,780).

Standard equipment for the E200 KOMPRESSOR includes 5-speed automatic transmission, alloy wheels, electronic stability programme (ESP), 6 airbags and active front seat head restraints amongst many other features.

The conclusion reached after our 800-odd kilometres in the E-Class was easy. This car is best suited to those who, like me, enjoy the sound of silence!

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