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NEWS INDEX:   Chery (copyright image)

Like the Chery J11, the Chery J1 (above)
performs poorly in crash testing.

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Chery J11 recall
24th October, 2011
Chinese automotive products continue to receive bad news about the lack of reasonable crash protection with the recall of all 1,664 Chery J11 that have arrived in Australia ..... more

Chery J1 recall
3rd August, 2011
The Editor's comment on this recall ... "My suggestion to improve the safety aspect of Chery cars is simple ... take them off the road!" ..... more

Chery a dud in crash test
13th May, 2011
Once again a Chinese made vehicle has earned itself a disgustingly poor crash test result. What makes it even worse is that the local importer is keeping quiet about it! ..... more

Chery, cheap Chinese cars, now arriving
24th February, 2011
The lack of six airbags reinforces the long held popular view that Chinese vehicle manufacturers just don't get it when it comes to occupant safety ..... more

Chery Pick Models For Europe
6th March, 2009
Surprisingly, rather than launch the cars itself, Chery is supplying the cars to an Italian distributor, which rebrands them DR ..... more

Chinese Junk
19th March, 2008
Next Car's Editor, Stephen Walker, has indicated 'Made In China' is not an inspiring tag. On that basis he believes those trying to sell Chinese cars will be viewed as opportunists just wanting to make a quick buck out of those who cannot afford a 'real' car ..... more

Chrysler Convinced Cheap Chinese Cars Can Carry Company
9th July, 2007
Who in Australia wants to be the first on their block with a cheap Chrysler-cloaked Chinese car? .... more

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