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Elfin News Index

Elfin Magic: A Spellbinding SA Success Story
26th November, 2007
The National Motor Museum has announced the opening of a new exhibition that centres on a remarkable South Australian Racing Pioneer ..... more

Soft-top for Elfin MS8 Clubman
10th September, 2007
In the latest development for the Australian stunner, the Elfin MS8, a soft-top for the Clubman version is now production ready ..... more

Restructured Pricing For Elfin
19th March, 2007
Following a major review of the manufacturing process and option policy of the MS8, Elfin Sports Cars today announced a price realignment of its exciting V8 road cars ..... more

Elfin at the 2007 Melbourne Motor Show
7th March, 2007
Australian sports car maker, Elfin, kicked off its golden anniversary celebrations this year by unveiling a limited-edition model - including a one-off supercharged bitumen burner for the track - at the 2007 Melbourne Motor Show ..... more

Elfin Set To Accelerate Under Walkinshaw Power
18th December, 2006
Australia’s iconic sports car maker, Elfin, will be backed by the power of Australia’s largest and most successful performance car group under new ownership arrangements announced in Melbourne today ..... more

Elfin returns!
27th February, 2004
Holden show the Elfin Clubman MS8 and the Elfin Streamliner MS8 at the Melbourne Motor Show ..... more


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