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Jingle Bells ring at Next Car

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by Stephen Walker

24th December, 2010

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All I want for Christmas ..... Next Car looks at what is popular and what matches the title of some popular Christmas Carols and songs. We pick four inspiring winners from our interpretation of our reader's feedback and from our own perception of another great year of motoring. We pick a car that is a joy to the world, one for the faithful, one for a silent night and one for all I want for Christmas. Is one of these four cars on your Christmas "wish list"?

The winners include Suzuki, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi. Let those Jingle Bells ring .....

Joy To The World - Suzuki Swift (copyright image)

Suzuki Swift Sport

Can one single car bring "Joy To The World" on its own? The answer is a decisive "yes" because every time Next Car publishes a story on the Suzuki Swift it rates well with our readership. Statistically speaking, our 2005 Swift road test is the most popular road test Next Car has published. These days, our Swift road test remains very popular with readers. Interestingly, our feedback file positions this soon to be superseded model at the top of the list when 'foreigners' talk motoring with Next Car.

But locally, the Swift continues to attract interest. For example, a young health care professional recently asked me for 'my pick' of the light car class. My response was that the Suzuki Swift was my clear choice. She responded by telling me that she wanted a Swift but a deal on price took her to a competitor. Unfortunately it was to a competitor's product that has an inferior air conditioning system thus making her summer motoring not as pleasant as it should be. But now she knows better, courtesy of Next Car!

Clearly, the Suzuki Swift continues to attract wide appeal around the globe and is, therefore, a "Joy To The World".

We're willing to predict the new model, due here within months, will continue the trend!

NOTE: "Joy To The World" is a Christian hymn composed by Englishman Isaac Watts and published in 1719.

O Come All Ye Faithful - Volkswagen Golf GTI (copyright image)

Volkswagen Golf GTI

There are plenty of models that galvanise public support sufficiently enough to motivate buyers and enthusiasts to provide regular feedback about their experience with one particular model. One car that clearly stands out from others in this regard is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. This model, available in Australia since 2005 in fifth generation guise, was updated to the sixth generation late last year. Since the inclusion of the optional dual clutch automatic (DSG) in the specs in 2005, the turbocharged Golf GTI has been a real treat for driving enthusiasts. When it comes to the faithful, the Volkswagen Golf GTI rates very high for driving enthusiasm. That's from our reader's point of view and, despite some very tough competition, from our own experience too!

NOTE: The hymn "O Come All Ye Faithful" is also known as "Adeste Fideles". Its origin is unclear, perhaps even disputed, but it is believed to date back to the 13th Century.

Silent Night - Mercedes-Benz E 350 (copyright image)

Next Car's Stephen Walker with the Mercedes-Benz E 350

A silent night ... and a silent day. Both are a mighty fine quality for any car to possess. In the new Mercedes-Benz E 350, there just isn't any choice. The interior ambience is simply magnificent with the noise level kept to an absolute minimum. We live in hope that one day all cars will offer the rewarding experience of silence. Our experience with the new Coupe and Cabriolet demonstrates that noise suppression can be achieved when designers and engineers ensure that their objectives are met. The competition is tough (to say the least) in this segment of motoring and Mercedes-Benz has once again set the 'benchmark' for others to follow. And, believe me, they are following! So Mercedes-Benz has achieved an excellent result to maintain the lead in this popular category of prestige motoring.

NOTE: "Silent Night" is believed to have been first performed in Austria on 24th December, 1818. It is a very popular Christmas Carol that has been translated into at least 44 languages. This Carol was sung by opposing sides simultaneously at World War I's 1944 Christmas truce in English, French and German as it was one the few Carols that was known by both sides. This Carol was composed by Joseph Mohr (lyrics) and Franz Gruber (melody). It is believed the English translation came along in 1859.

All I Want For Christmas - Mitsubishi ASX (copyright image)

Mitsubishi ASX Aspire

In contemporary culture everyone seems to desire the latest. The automotive industry caters quite well for those seeking just that. With numerous new models introduced this year, those seeking a new car have a wide variety from which to make a selection. After careful consideration we choose the new Mitsubishi ASX as our pick for our "All I Want For Christmas" wish list.

The Mitsubishi ASX provides a very nice package. It's compact, yet offers comfort and roominess. The drive experience is particularly pleasant. Our drive of an Aspire with petrol engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive was rewarding due to the comfort levels, the well equipped interior and an outstanding array of safety equipment.

NOTE: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is a contemporary song recorded in 1994 by American recording artist Mariah Carey for her album "Merry Christmas".

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With readers right across Australia and reaching to 192 foreign countries (and territories) in over 9,000 cities and towns (2010 YTD figures), Next Car is a giant amongst Australian automotive journals.

Happy Christmas!


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