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April Fools Day jokes from UK car companies

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6th April, 2015

Tricksters will always try a prank on the morning of 1st April - commonly known as April Fools Day. Would you fall for this year's efforts in the UK?

BMW, Nissan, Vauxhall and Volkswagen each tried to 'pull the leg' of the usual suspects this year!

Just what did Justin Trafik, Dr. Uwe Gotobekidin, Pieter Bred, Dr. Avin A’laf and April Fulls have to say?

Here at Next Car we have assembled all four efforts on this one page. Read all about it!

Protect you motor mouth with BMW designed mouthguard

Rugby players will be chomping at the bit to get their mouth around the latest innovation in protection from BMW who has developed the ultimate rugby mouthguard which will be rolled out in the lead up to the biggest event in rugby.

England rugby player, Chris Robshaw, has been key in trialling the brand new RU Series which brings BMW’s car safety technology to the rugby field - essential for someone who has made on average 18 impressive tackles a game during the RBS Six Nations.

These specially modified mouthguards are made entirely from ethylene-propylen-dien rubber, the standard protection in the door seals of all BMW models. This development uses tyre tread technology for extra grip as well as BMW’s signature “kidney grille” between the front incisors acting as an elegant respiration vent.

Dr Uwe Gotobekidin, Head of Product Fabrication, said: “We wanted to develop something that could genuinely improve performance and help the face of rugby and we’ve loved getting our teeth into this unique opportunity to collaborate with the sport.”

“We understand the importance of marginal gains in improving performance on the pitch and we have employed all our automotive design and engineering skills in delivering this project. We have every confidence it will get the rugby world’s tongues wagging.”

Chris Robshaw, rugby player and chief product tester, said: “When BMW asked if they could help improve our performance by developing a new mouthguard, we bit their hand off at the opportunity.”

“It’s been great to be part of the process to develop something that will contribute to the success of players across the country. Not only will it give us added protection during a match, it will also help protect our smiles for the post-match press conference photos.” (copyright image) (copyright image)

Nissan Gym – work-out at the wheel!

  • Nissan introduces new ‘GYM’ button to help drivers get fitter
  • Option to turn off driver assistance systems to help define your body
  • Burn 1,415 calories extra per week on the average commute

It may be a company renowned for its innovative driver assistance systems, but now Nissan will be the first vehicle manufacturer to offer the option to switch them all off.

The bold development is an attempt to help drivers improve their fitness levels, after a European study showed the region’s drivers to be among the least healthy in the world.

The new GYM function, initially available in the class-leading Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai cross-over models, turns off all of the driver assistance systems at the touch of a button, allowing commuters to get their very own work-out at the wheel.

As well as isolating the car’s innovative systems such as Nissan’s ‘Park Assist’ self-parking system, the GYM button also turns off features that many drivers take for granted, such as power steering and electric windows. It also increases the resistance in the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals and stiffens up the gate of the gearbox, increasing the exertion required to drive.

While you work-out on the move, the car’s infotainment system logs the calories burned and tracks your progress via the new Gym And Go app.

The innovation comes after a study conducted by the University of Lura, in Sweden, showed that drivers in Europe were getting fatter and less fit, largely as a result of increased congestion leading to them spending longer at the wheel.

Nissan’s director of Customer Welfare, Dr. P. Taka said: “We take the health and wellbeing of our customers very seriously – after all, we want them to live longer and buy more cars. So we developed a system that helped them achieve it.”

“The adoption of Autonomous driving also represents another opportunity for the GYM system. In the future, the car can take over the driving while the occupants use the controls as work-out equipment. The steering wheel can build your biceps while the modified pedals can push and pull your leg.”

Nissan has enlisted the help of fitness experts to develop the system. Personal trainer Raol Pofil, who runs Le Mensonge Fitness Centre in Paris, said: “Nissan asked me to develop a programme that would help drivers burn more calories and develop leaner bodies without leaving the comfort of their cars. On average, my programme helps commuters burn around 1,415 calories per week.”

Vauxhall Launches New Vivaro Taxi Kebabi (copyright image)

For many years now, after a good night out, it’s almost been mandatory to get your taxi driver to stop off at the local kebab house for a quick doner. Now, thanks to Vauxhall’s ingenious new Taxi Kebabi, having your kebab and getting home are no longer a problem.

Based upon the 9-seat Combi model, this class-defining Vivaro features two gas-fired spit rotisserie grilles, salad bowls integrated into the arm rests, chilli dispensers and, of course, a tasty selection of sauces.

Taxi driver Justin Trafik said: "The vinyl seats and floor covering will prove a real boon for the occasional spillage.”

Trafik’s colleague Jason Donervan was in perfect harmony: "With Vivaro's class-leading whole life costs, this incredible vehicle offers us hard-pushed drivers another valuable revenue stream that could ultimately see taxi fares being slashed."

On a more sombre note, Pieter Bred, the UK spokesman for Britain’s High Street Kebab Association, said: “Without making a meal of this, the Vauxhall Taxi Kebabi could spell the end for high street kebab houses.”

Vauxhall spokesperson April Fulls had the final word: “With the launch of the Vivaro Taxi Kebabi, we really believe we’ve given our customers something to sink their teeth into.”

All-new Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Mini (copyright image)

  • New Caddy Maxi Mini designed for the electronic office
  • Easy to park, ultra-affordable to run
  • No wasted load space makes for more efficient journeys

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles knows that when it comes to vans, bigger is usually better. However, with parking spaces becoming harder to find and fuel prices on the up once more, the need for an ultra-compact solution to urban deliveries is greater than ever.

Designed to cater for this exciting new market is the all-new Caddy Maxi Mini. At just 2.4 metres long, the latest addition to the Caddy range is the perfect urban van for modern businesses. Aimed at companies who want the legendary reliability and quality of a Volkswagen van, but don’t require much load space, the Caddy Maxi Mini can be parked at right angles to the kerb and has a turning circle of just four metres – a figure many bicycles struggle to match.

Head of new product development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, Dr. Avin A’laf, said: "This is the perfect van for the modern office. Let’s say Kevin from Accounts wants to pop out and get a sandwich for lunch or maybe collect his tie from the dry cleaners, the Caddy Maxi Mini is the perfect vehicle. Buyers aren’t paying for space they don’t need."

The new Maxi Mini also offers buyers one last opportunity to enjoy the current Caddy before an all-new model arrives later this year. The fun-size package will be priced competitively when it arrives in retailers today.

"We see the Caddy Maxi Mini as our equivalent of the chocolate bars at the supermarket checkout," added Dr. Allaf. "We hope that when customers come and buy one of our multi-award-winning full-size vans, they’ll add a Caddy Maxi Mini as a little treat."

About April Fools Day

The playing of harmless practical jokes has been around for a long, long time in numerous countries of the world. Some pranks are simple whilst others can be quite elaborate. But they are always harmless.

Be sure to be alert next April Fools Day so you can pick a prank. Does anyone know which day of the year will be April Fools Day in 2016?



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