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Abarth 500C (copyright image)

The Abarth 500C range expansion is anticipated for a Q2 2011 launch in Europe. It is not yet known if the high performance 500C will come to Australia. However, the Abarth 500 with the "esseesse" kit is due for a local release in mid-March 2011.

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27th February, 2011

Bolstered by the success of the recent conversion kits (one Abarth 500 in three is converted using the official kit), Abarth is presenting the “esseesse” kits for the Abarth 500C again at Switzerland's upcoming Geneva Motor Show (3rd-13th March 2011). These are designed to improve their performance, handling and safety without having to renounce the car's low emission and fuel consumption level. Visitors to the stand can admire an Abarth 500C “esseesse” that perfectly illustrates the spirit of Abarth tuning, encapsulating substance and unassuming good looks: in accordance with brand tradition and market requirements, Abarth cars are a mix of sporty yet elegant looks and safe driving experience yet always with sporty performance levels.

The Abarth 500C “esseesse” on the other hand, comes with a Campovolo grey and Pista grey two-tone livery with a white chromatic liner, an element that divides and at the same time combines the two souls of the car: the novelty of a cabriolet above and the out-and-out sporty performance of the “esseesse” kit below. The 500C “esseesse” is exhibited with an original “Record Monza” exhaust silencer (dual mode with variable counterpressure) that enhances the engine sound above 4,000 rpm and, as on the Punto Evo, with an Abarth Blue&MeTM MAP satellite navigation system with telemetrics.

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The prestigious setting of the Geneva Motor Show also presents the occasion to make an advance announcement to the general public of the commercial launch, expected during the second quarter of 2011, of the manual five-speed gearbox on the Abarth 500C, combined with the 135 HP 1.4 T-Jet engine. This novelty permits an expansion of the Abarth 500C range, teaming the "competition" robotised gearbox with steering wheel paddle as standard with a manual gearbox which is specifically designed to appeal to those customers looking for a more direct relationship with the car and deem this solution to be the most suitable for their driving style.

To date, approximately 1,800 Abarth 500C and nearly 1,400 Abarth Punto Evo cars have been sold: these numbers bear witness to the welcome extended to these two cars and will certainly contribute to the results recorded since the brand was relaunched. Suffice it to say that since 2007 the brand has enjoyed continual growth, as evidenced by sales of more than 28,000 for the Abarth Grande Punto and Abarth 500 models in addition to approximately 6,000 performance kits designed for the two models. These sales successes have been partly made possible by the network of dealers and official tuning shops, an organisation that is unique in its field and is extending to other international markets such as Israel, Rumania, Cyprus, Lebanon, Finland and Australia.


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