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AC returns (copyright image) (copyright image)

Cobra memories are revived by the new AC Mk VI. Next Car's Editor, Stephen Walker, believes the original Cobra should be 'Heritage Listed'.

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23rd February, 2011

AC Cars, one of the oldest and most prestigious heritage automotive brands is returning to the Geneva Motor Show with its latest model, the 2011 AC MkVI.

The AC MkVI is a high performance muscle car in the worthy tradition of the Cobra line which couples the power of a classic American V8 engine (in this case the 430 bhp unit used in the Corvette) with outstanding German build quality. The design incorporates a host of up to the minute features while sustaining all the dynamism of a shape which has inspired motoring enthusiasts for more than five decades.

But there is even better news for AC’s strong following of would be buyers: AC cars are now available from three distinguished car producers in Europe and the US who are producing top quality AC-badged cars. These are not replicas or kit cars but hand-crafted versions of the iconic AC cars which built an identity recognised by genuine car enthusiasts the world over.

In the UK, AC Cars is establishing a dedicated AC Heritage Centre, located at the top of the historic Brooklands test hill in Surrey and just feet from the famous banked race circuit. The Brooklands AC Heritage Centre is the brainchild of Steve Gray, the man behind the renowned car restorations company, Brooklands Motor Company, and will be formally opened later in the year. There will be an announcement in the near future about a range of classic AC cars which will be produced on two sites at Brooklands and displays of AC Cars and artefacts will be on show within the Brooklands Museum Complex.

In Germany, AC Germany is now in production with the AC MkVI (see accompanying image). The company (also famed for its replica of the Gullwing Mercedes coupe) has a high reputation for the skills of its Dresden-based workforce and has supplied a number of heritage cars over many years.

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In the US, Iconic Motors has adopted the AC brand for its ultra-high performance car, the Iconic AC Roadster, which deliver exceptional thrills from its 6.8 litre V8 which delivers an incredible 825 bhp and 680 lb ft plus a top speed of 210 mph and a 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds.

From its beginnings 110 years ago AC has been synonymous with craftsman built, lightweight sports cars with a strong British pedigree. AC’s cars have been outstandingly attractive and – to prove the point – the company’s Geneva Motor Show stand will also feature an original AC Ace, the model which became the famous AC Cobra.

The Chairman of AC Cars Limited, Alan Lubinsky, commented: “We’ve deliberately kept a low profile in recent months as we worked with the members of the AC family worldwide to breathe new life into our revered brand, and we will be announcing further exciting developments during 2011”, he said.

“The key to our future though is based on achievement, so when we announce a new model it will be available – as the AC Mk VI is today – ready for sale. For the first time in a decade we’re able to provide customers with genuine, high quality cars from a range of proven production sources”.


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