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Alfa 159 Gains Ti Version



28th August, 2007

Alfa Romeo 159 Ti

For more than 50 years Alfa Romeo have been offering models with the ‘Ti’ badge, which indicates an Alfa Romeo with an even more sharply defined edge and with the arrival of the Alfa Romeo 159 Ti the Italian car maker is offering a Ti variant with more features and equipment than ever before.

First seen in 1950, the Ti badge, which stands for Tourism International, has been used to denote an Alfa Romeo version that has been equipped to meet the needs and desires of driving enthusiasts to produce a car that offers driving excitement and a sports-orientated image, but also at a value for money price.

“The Alfa Romeo 159 Ti has a long heritage to live up to and that’s why we have decided to take the changes and additional equipment to a new level,” says David Stone, General Manager for Alfa Romeo in Australia. “This means that there is a wealth of new equipment and some significant changes under the skin that will enable the Alfa Romeo 159 Ti to provide an even more exciting and involving driving experience for the lucky few who will own this limited edition model.”

The most significant under the skin change is the fitment of sports suspension that lowers the 159 by 20 mm and which provides the 159 with a sharper turn-in response from the steering and less body roll, but without the harsh ride that afflicts some sports suspension systems. This more able chassis is further enhanced by the standard fitment of 19 inch alloy wheels with 235/40 x 19 low profile tyres to provide additional roadholding performance. So that 159 Ti stops as well as it goes, Brembo brakes are standard and they are painted in Alfa Romeo red to highlight their presence and performance.

To further enhance the hunkered down stance of the 159 Ti provided by the sports suspension, the new model is fitted with subtle yet effective body kit, with burnished aluminium finish door mirrors completing the exterior transformation into a 159 Ti.

The inside of the 159 is transformed by the Ti package into a driver focused cockpit of black leather and dark finish materials highlighted by red stitching for the leather and red highlights for the instruments. The sports seats, which are electrically operated and heated, are upholstered in hand-crafted soft Italian leather with the legendary Alfa Romeo logo stitched in red on both the front and rear seats. The same leather and red stitching is used on the steering wheel and the six speed manual gearbox’s gear lever.

The dashboard is trimmed in a unique burnished aluminium that has been darkened so as to show off the red-ringed instruments that are unique to the Alfa Romeo 159 Ti. Aluminium is further used for the drilled sports pedals – an essential icon of Italian sports cars – and the unique Alfa Romeo 159 Ti door sill trim strips which, like the exterior, carry the classic Ti insignia. For technical aficionados, the 159 Ti also offers the Bluetooth mobile phone connection with finger tip controls on the steering wheel and a USB connection point in the glovebox for MP3 music players.

The Alfa Romeo 159 Ti is available with a choice of two engines and three different gearboxes. Fitted with the 2.2 litre 136 kW JTS engine and matched to a six speed manual gearbox, the 159 Ti has a top speed of 222 km/h and despatches the run from zero to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds, yet on the open road is capable of achieving 7.3 litres per 100 kms. With the six speed Selespeed gearbox, the 159 Ti 2.2 JTS offers the same top speed and acceleration, yet, thanks to the fuel saving abilities of the gearbox, uses less fuel and cuts C0˛ emissions. It is priced at $54,990 (RRP) in manual form, while the Selespeed has a recommended retail price of $57,990.

For the first time in Australia the Ti package is also available with a range-topping drivetrain, providing the 159 Ti with the 3.2 litre JTS V6 that produces 191 kW and 322 Nm of torque that is delivered to the road via a six speed manual gearbox and the Q4 constant four wheel drive system. This provides the top 159 Ti with a top speed of 240 km/h and, thanks to the four wheel drive system and advanced electronics, a wheelspin free dash to 100 km/h in a not-so-dashing 7.0 seconds timeframe. Yet, thanks to that advanced engine, it is still capable of 8.4 litres per 100 km on the open road.

Topping the 159 Ti range is the model equipped with the Q-Tronic six speed automatic gearbox. This advanced gearbox not only offers Tiptronic-style gear shifting using the gear stick, but is also equipped with steering wheel mounted paddles for finger tipped gear changing. The efficiency of this gearbox is demonstrated by its identical top speed to the manual version and, at 7.2 seconds, an only fractionally show 0-100 time, while open road fuel consumption remains a creditable 8.6 litres/100 km. The recommended retail price for the six speed manual 159 Ti 3.2 V6 is $76,990 and the Q-Tronic variant is $79,990.

“If the package of equipment that combines to produce the Ti was available separately, it would add approximately $10,000 to the cost of the 159,” says David Stone. “But the price difference is just $2,000 for the V6 version and $5,000 for 2.2 JTS equipped 159 Ti, making providing the latest limited edition Alfa Romeo to carry the Ti badge also the best-ever value for money.”

Alfa Romeo models to carry the Ti badge include:

§      1950 1900 Ti

§      1953 1900 Ti Super

§      1957 Giulietta Ti

§      1963 Giulia Ti Super

§      1970 Giulia 1300 Ti

§      1977 Alfasud Ti

§      1980 Alfasud Ti 1.5 Quadrifoglio Verde


§      1982 Giulietta 2.0 Ti

§      1995 Alfa 146 Ti

§      2003 Alfa 147 Ti

§      2004 Alfa 156 Ti

§      2006 Alfa 147 Ti

§      2007 Alfa 159 Ti




Alfa Romeo 159 Ti Specifications

Alfa Romeo 159 Ti 2.2 JTS

Alfa Romeo 159 Ti 3.2 V6 JTS Q4

Six speed manual/Selespeed

Six speed manual/Q-Tronic Automatic

§  2198cc

§  4-cylinders, 16 valves

§  Power: 136 kW @ 6500rpm

§  Torque: 230 Nm @ 4500rpm

§  Timing gear: DOHC, continuous dual VVT

§  Transmission: 6-speed manual/6-speed Selespeed sequential manual

§  Top speed: 222/222 kmh

§  Acceleration 0-100 kmh: 8.8/8.8 secs

§  Fuel consumption:

oin town: 13.0/12.8  l/100 km

oout of town: 7.3/7.1  l/100 km

ocombined: 9.4/9.2  l/100 km

oCO2: 221/217  g/km

§ 3195cc

§ 60 degree V, 6-cylinders, 24 valves

§ Power: 191 kW @ 6200rpm

§ Torque: 322 Nm @ 4500rpm

§ Timing gear: 4 OHC, continuous dual VVT

§ Transmission: 6-speed manual/6-speed Q-Tronic automatic; 4-wheel drive

§ Top speed: 240 kmh/240 kmh

§ Acceleration 0-100 kmh: 7.0 seconds/7.2 secs

§ Fuel consumption:

o     in town: 16.9/18.4  l/100 km

o     out of town: 8.4/8.6  l/100 km

o     combined: 11.5/12.2  l/100 km

o     CO2: 273/289  g/km

Additional Ti equipment over the standard equipment on each version

§      Sports Suspension, lowered by 20 mm

§      19 inch alloy wheels

§      235/40 x 19 tyres

§      Brembo Brakes, calipers painted red

§      Body kit

§      Burnished aluminium door mirrors

§      Sports leather seats

§      Red stitching on seats, gear knob, steering wheel.

§      Darkened aluminum alloy dashboard trim

§      Red trimmed instruments

§      Alloy pedals

§      Alloy door sill trim panels

§      Black roof lining

§      Electric front seats with driver’s side memory (2)

§      MP3 connection point (2)

§      Bloothtooth telephone system (2)

§      Sports Suspension, lowered by 20 mm

§      19 inch alloy wheels

§      235/40 x 19 tyres

§      Red painted brake calipers (1)

§      Body kit

§      Burnished aluminium door mirrors

§      Sports leather seats

§      Red stitching on seats, gear knob, steering wheel.

§      Darkened aluminum alloy dashboard trim

§      Red trimmed instruments

§      Alloy pedals

§      Alloy door sill trim panels

§      Black roof lining


  1. Brembo brakes are standard on this model
  2. Standard on the V6 versions.


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