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Alfa Romeo MiTo For July Release

Alfa Romeo MiTo (copyright image)

Alfa Romeo MiTo

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12th May, 2009

Alfa Romeo has confirmed that its all-new MiTo model will arrive in Australia in July providing the brand with a new entry level car.

“The MiTo is enormously important to Alfa Romeo as it takes us into a whole new market sector,” explains Edward Butler, General Manager for Alfa Romeo in Australia. “Although Alfa Romeo has had small cars, starting with the legendary AlfaSud through to its modern successor, the Alfa Romeo 147, the Alfa MiTo is not just in the sector below the 147, it is focused totally on being a performance and style driven mini-Coupe, not compromised by things like having to have a five door version. This has enabled Alfa Romeo’s acclaimed stylists to produce a car that as a purity of shape that has not been seen before. This means that MiTo is as much a pure Alfa Romeo has the Spider or Brera – something that has never been seen before in the class in which it will compete.”

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Further enhancing its performance credentials, Alfa Romeo has confirmed that when the MiTo arrives in Australia in July, only turbocharged versions will be available, with a choice of 114 kW and 88 kW, both matched to six speed gearboxes. The unique chassis enables the driver to change how car responds on the road with the Alfa Romeo 'DNA' system, while Q2 Electronic Differential effectively provides the MiTo with a limited slip differential. This means that not only can MiTo finally make it to 100 km/h in some 8.0 seconds; it can also corner with an element of aplomb.

Equipment and trim will come in two levels, best described as luxury and overtly sporty, but despite the combination of style, performance, exclusivity and features, Alfa Romeo believes that people will be surprised at its prices when they are announced.

“We cannot release the prices and specifications yet,” says Edward Butler. “But Alfa Romeo has a real value for money reputation across its range, so not only do I think people will pleasantly surprised when we announce prices and specifications in July, I think anyone looking for a car that offers the blend of style, performance and luxury that sets all Italian cars apart from the rivals should wait until to July for MiTo!”


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