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Audi Q7 V8 Diesel Coming



24th October, 2007

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 4.2 TDI V8 will be in Australian Audi showrooms by the end of 2007.

The high-tech eight-cylinder unit impresses not only with its powerful performance, but also with its outstanding efficiency, requiring just 11.1 litres of diesel on average for every 100 kilometres driven. A diesel particulate filter (dpf) is fitted as standard.

Under the bonnet of the new Audi Q7 4.2 TDI is the most powerful V8 diesel engine that Audi has ever built. The eight-cylinder unit, which already powers the A8 luxury saloon, has a displacement of 4.2 litres and delivers 240 kW and 760 Nm of torque available constantly from 1,800 to 2,500 rpm. It accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds.

The Audi Q7 4.2 TDI transmits its power through the six-speed tiptronic automatic transmission to a sportily tuned quattro driveline, which splits the propulsive force 40:60 between the front and rear wheels under normal driving conditions. Audi adaptive air suspension is standard on the top diesel model. It resolves a classic conflict of interests by combining dynamic handling with the ride comfort of a luxury-class vehicle.

In the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI, the concentrated power of the mighty eight-cylinder diesel unit encounters a vehicle concept of versatile sportiness. Even on its debut the Audi Q7 set new standards in the SUV segment now the 4.2 TDI is raising the bar even higher.

The standard comfort and convenience equipment of the range-topping diesel model also take it to the top of the class.

Numerous assistance systems in the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI provide support for the driver. A new technology Audi lane assist is making its debut on the new model. From a speed of around 65 km/h it alerts the driver by inducing a slight vibration in the steering wheel if he/she inadvertently moves out of the lane. If the driver has not indicated, the system issues the warning shortly before or while the vehicle is crossing the lane marking.

Other high-tech systems offer even more comfort, convenience and control. Audi parking system advanced employs a camera to monitor the rear. The optional Audi adaptive cruise control is a radar-based system incorporating active distance control. It is combined with the brake assist system Audi braking guard. Audi side assist monitors the blind spot utilising radar technology and informs the driver if a vehicle approaching from behind could endanger the lane-changing manoeuvre.

Countless interesting features are available to enhance the dynamic lines of the exterior and for the spacious interior of the 5.09 metre-long Audi Q7, from 20-inch wheels, the open sky system glass roof through to the rail system for the generous luggage compartment, which has a capacity of up to 2,035 litres. A deluxe automatic air conditioning system is standard; the seating system is exceptionally versatile. Like all Audi Q7 models the new 4.2 TDI is available as a 5, 6 or 7 seater.

When it arrives in Australia later this year, the Q7 4.2 TDI will be priced at $123,900 (RRP) and will carry the same high level of specification as it 4.2 V8 petrol version.

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